Cross guide couplers with waveguide ports

22nd January 2019
Alex Lynn

Provider of on-demand RF and microwave components, Fairview Microwave, now offers a line of cross guide waveguide couplers with four, three or two-ports, with coax interfaces that work across C to K bands. Typical applications include test benches, instrumentation, product development and characterisation.

Fairview Microwave’s comprehensive line of cross guide couplers is made up of 160 parts in three sub-categories: cross guide couplers (four waveguide ports), cross guide couplers with terminations (three waveguide ports) and cross guide couplers with terminations and waveguide to coax adapters (two waveguide ports with either an SMA, Type-N or 2.92 mm coaxial connector). These couplers are constructed with bronze waveguide bodies and are offered with EIA (CPR)-style flanges or UG-style flanges per military standard.

They cover eight waveguide bands in the 5.85 to 33GHz frequency range and are available with coupling factors from 20 to 50dB.

“With three different configurations: the coupler itself, the coupler preassembled with a termination or with a termination and a coaxial connection, our cross guide couplers make it easy to find the right fit for your application. Plus, they come preassembled out of the box and are offered with same-day shipping,” said Steven Pong, Product Manager. 

Fairview Microwave’s waveguide cross guide couplers are in stock and ready for immediate shipment with no minimum order quantity.

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