100 Gbps high-speed CFP connector and mechanical components for use in 40 and 100 Gbps Ethernet applications in the telecomm/data communications area

3rd November 2011
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40 / 100 Gbps CFP Connector CA009 system by Yamaichi is a high-speed solution compliant with the MSA standard (Multi Source Agreement). Especially in the area of signal transmission values and thermal characteristics, however, the Yamaichi system is superior to most systems on the market. Due to the special design of the signal and ground contacts of the connector, it achieves very good transmission values. Yamaichi has succeeded in greatly reducing the crosstalk that occurs at high frequencies. This provides outstanding signal transmission quality.
To implement a signal transmission rate of 100 Gbps, there are 10 channels available at 100 Gbps each. The 148-pin host connector and the matching plug connector are built in SMD technology. That means that the connector combination of host connector and plug connector have been designed for 200 connection cycles.

The entire CFP system and its associated components consist of a total of seven parts that are derived from the MSA-standard assemblies.

One special feature by Yamaichi is the riding heat sink with thermal interposer. The system permits a very efficient thermal extraction of heat. Yamaichi has developed and applies special materials that transmit the resulting heat into the cooling bodies above. The smallest unevennesses in the plugged transmission module are also compensated. The riding heat sink assembly with thermal interposer is somewhat longer then the version standardized by the MSA, which contains no thermal interposers.

However, Yamaichi also offers the MSA standard version of the heat sink assembly without a thermal interposer. That means that the best cooling body can be selected for a wide variety of applications.

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