SUYIN Spring-contact battery connectors: Housing variations reduce cost of development, storage, tools and placement

23rd January 2012
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In increasing numbers of electronics development projects, cost-optimization efforts are focusing more closely on ensuring that different modules share as many identical or similar components as possible. This creates significant potential for savings – beginning with purchasing and storage and continuing through development and tool costs all the way to placement processes in volume production.
Plug-and-socket connectors, for example, frequently require only slight modifications in their mechanical dimensions – with no change to the electrical characteristics – to make them suitable for use in different applications. At volumes above certain minimum order levels, SUYIN is able to make such application-specific modifications quickly and inexpensively in close collaboration with its customers.

One example of optimization of this type is the Series 200097MB four-position, right-angle SMT spring-contact battery connector, which was realized for a customer development project in two versions featuring different heights of 6.55 mm and 9.2 mm. In this way, the housing was adapted to perfectly match the specific application. In order to ensure excellent mating reliability, even when the devices are subjected to vibration loads, the spring contacts, with a pitch of 2.0 mm, feature a special design. The spring travel is specified at 1.6 mm (nom.), and the contact force at greater than or equal to 165 g/contact. The dielectric strength is specified at 12 V / 2 A per contact and the number of mating cycles at a minimum of 6,500. Both versions of the spring contact battery connector are fitted with three SMT solder tabs (two side tabs and one tab at the back). Together with additional position-locking insertion tabs on the bottom of the connector, the solder tabs ensure a reliable and rugged mechanical connection to the PCB.

Depending on the new development project, SUYIN supplies connectors beginning at annual order volumes of 100,000 pieces or higher, and, of course, helps to ramp up the project with pre-series batches.

Key specifications at a glance:

Battery connectors with spring contacts, right angle, SMT
No. of positions
Mating cycles
At least 6,500

Serial number

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