1.2mm High Miniature Microwave Connectors

13th December 2005
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Murata’s HSC type microwave connector with built in switch is currently the World’s smallest, at just 1.2mm mating height.
Designed specifically for low profile, portable wireless devices, there are two versions of the HSC type connector available. A straight (male centre contact) receptacle is offered for surface mounting on printed circuit boards, which can be reflow soldered. In addition, a right angle version (female centre contact) is available, matched for assembling with 0.87mm diameter flexible coaxial cable in lengths from 45 to 250mm.

The built in switch is particularly useful for making characteristic microwave circuit measurements in devices such as portable handsets. Using a special probe, designers can easily use the switch to connect and disconnect the line.

The HSC microwave connectors have a frequency rating from DC up to 6GHz. They have excellent VSWR, quoted at 1.14 at 3GHz, 1.09 at 6GHz, and optimised at 1.16 at 3.8GHz. Rated voltage is 250V and maximum withstand voltage is 300V. The HSC connectors have a guaranteed durability of 30 cycles. Centre contacts are gold plated copper alloy, while outer contacts are silver plated copper alloy. All devices in the range are fully RoHS compliant.

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