19th February 2007
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Static control specialist, TBA Electro Conductive Products (ECP) now offers the widest range of static safe storage products from a single source enabling customers to find solutions for handling all types of static sensitive devices.
TBA ECP’s extensive family of packaging products encompasses conductive tote boxes, conductive plastic boxes, storage trays, transparent shielding and conductive bags, conductive plastic bins, corrugated conductive plastic packaging and specialist products such as conductive letter trays, compartmented trays, conductive component dispensers and conductive wheelie bins.

The company also offers a wide range of custom services including moulding and fabrication to provide customers with storage solutions tailored to their exact requirements. Services available include vacuum forming, tool design and manufacturing, thermoplastic injection moulding of static control materials, extrusion capability and custom cut foam inserts. TBA ECP can also provide custom cut inserts and dividers for its extensive range of standard storage bins and boxes as well as designing and producing boxes to meet customer specifications.

TBA ECP’s extensive range of static control products includes flooring, packaging and storage systems, grounding products, work surfaces and workstations, instrumentation, coatings and complementary services such as quality audits. The company is capable of delivering floor-to-ceiling static control solutions encompassing everything required in ESD protection areas. All products supplied by TBA ECP comply with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

TBA Electro Conductive Products is a specialist manufacturer of high quality electro static protection (ESP) and electro magnetic interference (EMI) shielding products.

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