POS monitors are smoke & fire optimised

27th July 2015
Barney Scott

Distec has presented a smoke and fire load optimised version of its successful POS-Line monitor series. An independent reviewer tested these monitors to DIN EN 13501-1 for fire classification of construction products and building elements according to Class B S1 d0. The certificate is valid for a special solution of POS-Line series, with an integrated PC based on the AMD processor Ontario and with an SSD hard drive.

It confirms that the monitors are difficult to ignite and, in case of fire, show hardly any smoke production and no flaming droplets or particles.

"As there is no appropriate standard for monitors, we had the monitors tested according to DIN EN 13501-1 for the classification of building products," explained Werner Schubert, Managing Director, Distec. "The positive result allows our customers to use the monitors in application areas such as escape routes, stairways, next to elevators and anywhere where strict fire regulations apply." The sleek, high-quality POS-Line monitors are proven in industrial environments and always featured high functionality and flexibility. The certification as a smoke and fire load optimised device now opens up additional opportunities.

The fire behaviour, that is, the inflammability and the combustibility of the monitor was determined on the basis of the SBI method according to DIN EN 13823: 2010-12. The SBI method is a fire test for building products and investigates the response of a product (excluding flooring materials) when it is exposed to a thermal attack typifying fire involving a single burning item. The fire test showed that the monitor undercut the limits for classification according to DIN EN 13501-1 class B-s1, d0 all categories. Thus, it achieved the best level in the class "difficult to ignite".

Depending on the screen size, the fire load of the optimised POS-Line monitor is: 30.20kWh at 800.1mm, 36.85kWh at 1066.8mm, 39.57kWh at 1168.4mm and 45.67kWh at 1386.8mm. The fire load is the energy that an object evaporates when burned and which is to be considered for protective measures for a possible structural fire.

Distec's POS-Line series offers open frame monitors and monitors with elegant bezel solutions. Customers can choose from a range of industrial components to obtain the optimum monitor solution for their particular application. Optionally, the monitors can be equipped with a touch screen, front bezel, protective glass and a wall mount.

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