High power density discrete IGBT in TO-247PLUS package

7th June 2017
Enaie Azambuja

Infineon Technologies has expanded its 1200 V discrete IGBT product portfolio by offering up to 75 A. The devices are co-packed with a full rated diode in a TO-247PLUS package. The new TO-247PLUS 3pin and 4pin packages serve the growing demand for higher power density and highest efficiency in discrete packages. Typical applications with a blocking voltage of 1200 V requiring high power density are drives, photovoltaic, and UPS. Additional applications comprise battery charging and energy storage systems.

Compared to a regular TO-247-3 package, the new TO-247PLUS package can provide double current rating. Due to the removal of the screw hole from the standard TO-247 package, the PLUS package has a larger lead frame area and thus can accommodate bigger IGBT chips.

Now, up to 75A 1200V co-packed IGBTs with the same small footprint are available for the first time. The larger lead frame provides a lower thermal resistance of the TO-247PLUS package, leading to an improved heat dissipation capability.

In standard through-hole packages, as for instance TO-220 or TO-247, each lead pad resembles a parasitic inductance. The TO-247 4pin package has an extra Kelvin emitter connection. This 4pin known also as Kelvin emitter terminal, bypasses the emitter lead inductance on the gate control loop, enhancing the IGBT’s switching speed and decreasing the switching energy.

TO-247 4pin package with Kelvin emitter enables faster commutation, improving the switching behaviour of IGBT. Dynamic losses are reduced by 20% in comparison to standard TO-247 package, thus increasing the overall system efficiency and enabling the IGBTs to operate at lower temperature.

The faster the IGBT is able to switch, the bigger the benefit from TO-247 4pin becomes.

The 1200V IGBTs in TO-247PLUS 3pin and 4 pin packages can be used to increase the system power density. Additionally, they can reduce the number of power devices used in parallel, increase system efficiency or improve system thermal conditions.

The 1200V IGBT in TO-247PLUS 3pin and TO-247PLUS 4pin are available in high volume. The product portfolio comprises 40A, 50A, and 75A IGBT co-packed with a full current freewheeling diode.

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