"Form-in- Place" EMI Shielding Gasket

2nd March 2006
ES Admin
Laird Technologies has introduced high strength "Form-In-Place" gaskets that are ideally suited for a broad range of applications where shielding, environmental protection and durability are key requirements.
Laird Technologies’ custom-designed Form-In-Place system accurately dispenses conductive compounds onto intricate enclosures providing a custom-applied environmental and EMI shield.

The Hi-Strength SNL65HS Form-In-Place gasket is comprised of specially designed silicone-with-silver aluminum filler to complete the conductive elastomer in a cost-effective manner. This combination results in a durable and resilient Form-In-Place gasket that offers excellent EMI shielding effectiveness and environmental security .

The compound is engineered to protect electronics from moisture, dust and other contaminants while providing a durable gasket that withstands component handling, assembly and frequent housing openings/closings thus extending the gasket and end-product’s life. Furthermore, the Hi-Strength SNL65HS Form-In-Place gasket has shielding effectiveness of greater than 70 dB and an extensive service temperature range of minus 50 to 140 degrees Celsius.

SNL65HS Form-In-Place capabilities include superior adhesion and gasket tear strength for telecommunications infrastructure equipment applications such as power amplifiers, transceivers, wireless transceivers and antenna housings. Additionally, handheld test and calibration equipment, automotive control modules and high-power emergency radios also are all excellent applications for this product.

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