Filterfans give much increased airflow in IP55 environments

26th March 2007
ES Admin
The latest fourth generation of Pfannenberg's Filterfan, with free airflows ranging from 25 m3/h to 925 m3/h, is the latest update to a concept originally invented by the company as long ago as 1958. Uniquely in this market, the new design uses a pleated fabric filter and a sophisticated louvre profile to give a significantly higher airflow at IP55 than was achieved by the previous version at IP54; filter life is also three times longer. The unique, patented water and dust pre-separation in the lamellas ensures that the great majority of water and dust never reach the filter mat, extending its lifetime and therefore reducing the maintenance requirements. The Click and Fit design eliminates the need for fixings, providing hardware-free installation and filter mat changing, giving a unique user-friendly product.
The new filterfan generation comprises five sizes, with eight IP54 variants filtering to an improved G3 specification and seven IP55 versions capable of G4 level filtration. It features a new, patented 4-corner locking / fastening system; the cage clamp terminal block's position is changeable through 90° step turns to accommodate differing wiring directions. All units in the range are completely reversible, either to introduce or extract air from the enclosure and provision is made for mounting a thermostat on the rear face of all exhaust filters to reduce energy consumption.

IP 55 variants are manufactured from UV stable material and are suitable for use in outdoor applications without any extra protection. EMC screening, achieved by means of an external stainless steel grid, is available for both IP54 and IP55 versions. No special preparatory work is needed to provide EMC shielding; ground continuity with the enclosure is achieved through surface-to-surface contact made via the edge of the cutout for the filterfan or exhaust filter.

The cut-outs are 100% compatible with the previous generation and with those used by major competitors.

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