Aluminium control enclosure provides outstanding heat dissipation

24th March 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Switches, sensors and enclosures specialist, Bernstein, has added a new aluminium control enclosure to its extensive product range in response to demand from manufacturers. The CC-5000 neXt features a modern and functional design which offers protection in its most beautiful form and is available in a range of customised colours.

It features high-quality extruded aluminium sections which are naturally anodised as well as single-walled sections that provide outstanding heat dissipation. Rob Emms, Managing Director, Bernstein’s, said: “As a company, we are constantly developing products in response to needs and the demand for this CC-5000 neXt came from customers who wanted their enclosures to be more aesthetically pleasing but without compromising on any of the safety features they have come to expect from our products.

“This enclosure is available in a wide range of colours, so manufacturers can personalise them to match their own specific corporate identity. This means we can offer them a bespoke product but without the associated high costs. Corner modules, front and rear panels as well as the standard version anodised aluminium sections can all be individually powder-coated, giving a unique and individual touch.

“A new concealed hinge design, which is unique in the market today, means the hinge is unseen when the door is closed and this makes the enclosure even more pleasing to the eye.

“Safety-wise, the CC-5000 neXt features integrated recessed grips on the left and right hand side to provide simple and safe handling and also meets protection class IP 65, meaning it offers total protection from dust ingress as well as water spray from any direction. It will also operate in temperatures ranging from -30 to +80°C,” he added.

The enclosures can be supplied in nine installation depths, ranging from 75mm to 370mm, and are available in height and width dimensions up to 1000mm.

Frames can be used in individual or multiple combinations and innovative console configurations are possible thanks to a connecting element which has been designed in lie with the new design. The CC-5000 neXt’s slimline design is ideal for configuring flat screen systems and, for console versions, the keyboard can be inclined downwards by 20 or 10°.

Other features of the CC-5000 neXt are the all-round mounting grooves for built-in components, meaning there is no need for modifications, and an internally mounted front panel. Door configurations are also available for direct access to the interior.

Rob Emms added: “Bernstein specialises in offering bespoke products and services to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their specific requirements. Bernstein Custom is a one stop solution for contract manufacturing and assembly, designed to save both time and money and the CC-5000 neXt can, like all of our products, be customised to provide individual solutions.

“There is a diverse range of add-on elements, including interfaces, push buttons, fans and handles, that can be added as well as different keyboard solutions, depending on customer requirements,” he added.

Founded in 1947, Bernstein’s parent company Bernstein AG has an established reputation for providing high-quality products used in a number of machine building and safety applications at the point where man meets machine. The Aldridge based UK division, Bernstein, was formed in 1985.

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