Single board computer targets IoT, intelligent systems

25th June 2014
Mick Elliott

High network connectivity and the smart manageability of the Internet of Things and embedded systems is offered in a single board computer available from Rutronik. The MIO-5271 from Advantech comes in a 3.5in. MI/O Extension (146x102mm) form factor, based on Intel 4th generation Core i5/Celeron processors (Mobile U-series platform). The SBC supports 1600/1333MHz DDR3L, USB 3.0, SATA up to 6Gb/s (600MB/s), Intel AMT 9.5 Release and has triple independent display capability.

With these features, MIO-5271 responds to the requirements for greater performance, high network connectivity, and smart manageability of IoT and embedded systems.

The SBC adapts the latest microarchitecture with 64-bit, multi-core processors built on 22nm process technology. It delivers improvements in CPU processing, graphics, security capabilities, and I/O flexibility. With an upgrade to Intel AVX 2.0, the new SBC shows a big enhancement in integer/matrix-based calculation abilities, with Intel AES-NI allowing security algorithms to take advantage of hardware acceleration for data encryption and decryption.

It allows system integrators to build intelligent systems more easily, with improved performance and reliability. An optimized thermal solution for MIO-5271 makes fanless design possible on this kind of compact, high performance platform. It is a sound choice for medical, automation, military or transportation applications. MIO-5271 also has both iManager and SUSIAccess, developed by Advantech, integrated to monitor and control system operation remotely and effectively.

MIO-5271 supports two on board GbE ports and two miniPCIe slots with a SIM holder. Customers can activate WLAN and 3G/4G LTE mobile module at the same time, making it possible to hand off between different wireless networks, which facilitates seamless integration and permits high efficiency network use. Furthermore, MIO-5271 incorporates the MIOe unified connector which could extend additional interfaces, integrating DisplayPort, PCIe x1, LPC, SMBus, USB 2.0/USB 3.0, audio line-out, and power.

Brand new multimedia user experience and increased possibilities for application development on multimedia embedded products are provided by Mio-5271’s latest-generation graphics core (Intel® HD Graphics 4000) with DXVA (full AVC/VC1/MPEG2 Hardware Acceleration), OpenGL 4.0, and DirectX 11. MIO-5271 carries various embedded display interfaces, including switching between HDMI (up to 4096x2304p) and DisplayPort (up to 3200x200p), legacy VGA interface (up to 1920x1200p), 48-bit LVDS, and the next-generation embedded interface, eDP. Triple independent displays using 48-bit LVDS, VGA, and HDMI/DP are also made available for any creative application.

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