FPGA board features support for up to 256GB of DDR4

9th May 2016
Jordan Mulcare

BittWare has announced at The 24th IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines the release of a COTS PCIe board based on the industry's highest bandwidth 20nm FPGA, the Xilinx UltraScale VU190. Called the XUSP3R, the 3/4-length PCIe board offers up to four Gen3 x8 PCIe interfaces, along with four front panel QSFP28 cages, supporting 16 lanes of 25Gbps or 4 lanes of 100Gbps - including 100 GbE. 

Four DIMM sockets support massive memory configurations including up to 256 GBytes of DDR4 memory across four 72-bit wide banks; alternatively, each of those DIMMs sockets can be populated with BittWare's dual bank QDR DIMMs, each providing 576 Mb of QDR-II+. An optional Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) module with up to 4 GB is also available which can be populated in addition to, and independent of, the DIMMs. Combined, these features make the XUSP3R suitable for a wide range of data center and networking applications, including compute acceleration, network processing, cybersecurity, and storage.

The board also offers features and tools that ease development and integration. A comprehensive Board Management Controller (BMC) with host software support for advanced system monitoring greatly simplifies platform management. A complete software tool suite and FPGA development/project examples provide a range of options to meet customers' varying development needs.

"I feel like BittWare has hit the Trifecta with the XUSP3R," said Jeff Milrod, President and CEO of BittWare, "as this board simultaneously boasts one of the largest FPGAs, largest memories, and highest bandwidth I/O that have ever been available on a PCIe FPGA board. We are proud to be able to raise the bar once again."

"Xilinx is pleased to see the latest VU190 based Bittware board come to market.  The large memory footprint and 400G of Ethernet bandwidth coupled with Xilinx's industry-leading UltraScale 20nm product offering is a compelling solution across our customer base," said Curtis Pulley, Data Centre Business Manager at Xilinx."

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