Evaluation kit accelerates 32-bit MCU-based designs

21st May 2020
Mick Elliott

Microchip Technology’s DM320119 Curiosity Nano evaluation kit is a hardware platform designed to evaluate the SAMD21G17D MCU and supported by the MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE).

It is available at distributor Digi-Key.

The evaluation kit provides easy access to the features of the SAMD21G17D to integrate the device into a custom design.

The Curiosity Nano series evaluation kits include an onboard Nano debugger requiring no external tools to program the SAMD21G17D device.

They are compatible with the AC164162 Curiosity Nano baseboard which allows users to quickly scale and prototype their innovative designs using the SAMD21G17D MCU.

A set of small boards on the platform gives access to most of the MCU I/Os.

The platform consists of a series of low pin-count MCU boards, which are integrated with the MPLAB X IDE to present relevant user guides, application notes, datasheets, and example codes.

It features a Virtual COM port (CDC) for serial communication to a host PC and a data gateway interface (DGI) GPIO.

The DM320119 Curiosity Nano evaluation kit is ideal for a variety of applications including industrial, medical, home automation, and IoT.

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