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LawtechUK announces next in GenAI Series of events

21st February 2024
Sheryl Miles

LawtechUK, the initiative backed by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), is hosting an open session, ‘GenerativeAI: Roadmap to 2030,’ scheduled for 4th March from 3pm to 4:30pm.

This in person event promises to explore the transformative potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in the legal sector, focusing on its capability to revolutionise legal services and access to justice by 2030.

LawtechUK's Advisory Panel Chair, Christina Blacklaws, alongside LawtechUK Advisory Panel member Richard Susskind, will lead two dynamic panel discussions on how GenAI is poised to shape the future of legal services. Held in London, the event will offer attendees a comprehensive look at the evolving landscape of lawtech through the GenAI lens, bringing legal, technology, and computer science experts together to explore the transformative potential of GenAI in the legal industry.

Navigating the future of GenAI and investment

Chaired by Richard Susskind, a renowned figure in legal technology and innovation, this panel brings together experts to explore commercial strategies and investment opportunities in the lawtech sector. Panellists include (more to be announced):

  • Julia Salasky, CEO of Legl: bringing insights from her experience in revolutionising legal payments and client onboarding processes, Julia will discuss the impact of digital transformation in legal services from a startup perspective.
  • Lilian Breidenbach, Co-Founder of LegalOS: Lilian will share her journey in creating a platform that simplifies the complexity of legal knowledge, highlighting the challenges and successes of innovating in the legal tech space.
  • Zuzanna Czapinska, Investment Manager at HV Capital

The panel will provide a broad view of the technological advancements and investment trends shaping the future of legal tech, emphasising cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation.

Shaping the GenAI landscape of for legal consumers

Led by Christina Blacklaws, an influential voice in legal tech and innovation, this panel focuses on the ethical considerations, educational needs, and societal impacts of Generative AI in the legal sector. Panellists include (more to be announced):

  • Lisa Wintersteiger, CEO of Law for Life: discussing the importance of legal education and access to justice, Lisa will highlight their recent research in the unmet legal need.
  • Catriona Wolfenden, Partner at Weightmans: Catriona will share insights into how law firms can adopt and benefit from technological advancements, focusing on innovation and efficiency in legal practice.
  • Danae Shell, CEO of Valla: offering a startup perspective, Danae will discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing technology solutions that address real-world legal problems, with a focus on user-centric design and impact.
  • Paul Massey, Tabled: sharing insights from the startup’s new collaboration with the public sector to apply GenAI to Access to Justice.
  • Lydia Hazlehurst, DLA Piper: experiences of building user-centric solutions and addressing client needs.

The panel will also explore the role of NGOs and impact investors in supporting sustainable and ethical lawtech initiatives, emphasising the importance of technology in enhancing access to legal services and justice.

This is the fourth in a series of GenAI events held by LawtechUK in the six months, proving how important this topic is to the sector.

"We are on the cusp of a technological revolution that promises to fundamentally change our lives, work, and relationships. Within the realm of legal services, GenAI stands as a transformative power, poised to enhance access to justice and revolutionise how legal services are delivered. The 'GenAI: Roadmap to 2030' event marks a crucial step for us to collectively explore, comprehend, and navigate this future. Join us as we set forth on this thrilling journey to unleash the full potential of GenAI in the legal industry," says Christina Blacklaws, Chair of the LawtechUK Advisory Panel.

Attendees are encouraged to register early to secure their participation in this insightful exploration of GenAI's impact on legal services and access to legal. The event is open to legal professionals, technologists, policymakers, and anyone interested in the future of legal technology.

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