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Integrated system approaches made by Rutronik

23rd November 2021
Kiera Sowery

Rutronik invests further in its research and development capacities and bundles expert competence under 'Rutronik System Solutions'.

The aim is to implement innovative technologies in partly patented system solutions for complex challenges. These solutions are tailored to the customer's needs. That enables Rutronik to accelerate significantly time-to-market and provide further added value.

The digital transformation, AI, and composite materials are providing the industry with new impulses and playing an important role in the technological future. In this context, Rutronik combines internal and external capabilities under 'Rutronik System Solutions' and expands its research and development capacities as a distributor for electronic components.

The aim is to develop highly innovative solutions, partly patented, for complex challenges using new technologies. They are tailored to customer and consumer needs. That includes not only combining electronic components based on their strengths in respect of the application but also developing in-house proof-of-concepts. In addition to establishing an innovation management system, setting up a research and development center with laboratories in Lithuania as well as Singapore, Rutronik works closely with colleges, universities, and external partners.

"With 'Rutronik System Solutions' we offer our customers real added value by optimising existing solutions. But we go one step further and present software and hardware with our proof-of-concepts, which are partly based on Rutronik IP. These solutions are often not known or thought so far," explained Stephan Menze, Head of Global Innovation Management.

Added value due to accelerated market entry of applications and products

Using individually tailored solutions, partly patented, Rutronik can accelerate the pre-development phase. As a result, the time-to-market can be significantly reduced.

"With our state-of-the-art solutions, we make tomorrow's technologies accessible today. By thinking one step ahead in the sense of our customers, they succeed in being one step ahead. They get a head start in time, which is often crucial," said Stephan Menze.

Initial proof-of-concepts have already been developed. For example, a digitally controlled hybrid energy storage system (HESS), whose circuit structure is patented, has been developed in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau.

The 'RDK2' development kit is also already available. The modern hardware serves as a development platform for applications relating to the IoT, for instance.

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