Wideband RF transceiver meets mMIMO requirements

27th April 2020
Mick Elliott

The ADRV9026 quad-channel wideband RF transceiver from Analog Devices is in stock at distributor Mouser Electronics.

The compact, low-power 4T4R solution for cellular base transceiver station (BTS) remote radio units (RRU) meets the high performance requirements of cellular infrastructure applications, including massive multiple in/multiple out (mMIMO), small cell, and macro 3G/4G/5G systems.

The highly integrated design of the transceiver reduces footprint, increasing form factor flexibility for radio unit design projects.

The transceiver supports up to 200MHz receive bandwidth and covers frequencies from 650MHz to 6GHz.

The device features four independently controlled differential 450MHz transmitters and four independently controlled receivers, along with integrated synthesisers, filters, and digital signal processing functions to create a highly advanced transceiver solution.

With a 50% reduction in power consumption over previous generations, the transceiver enables increased radio density to support higher antenna count and supports open radio access network (ORAN) small cell designs at lower cost and system power.

The transceiver's common platform design for 3G/4G/5G systems helps to reduce costs and complexity across multiple applications, and its flexible design also enables modular architecture for scalable radio solutions.

For development, Mouser also stocks the ADRV9026 evaluation system, consisting of the ADS9-V2EBZ FPGA carrier board and ADRV9026-HB/PCBZ (2.8GHz to 6GHz) and ADRV9026-MB/PCBZ (650 MHz to 2.8 GHz) radio cards.

The radio cards provide a 4×4 transceiver platform for device evaluation, including all the peripherals necessary for each radio card to operate, including a separate high-efficiency power circuit board. The system comes with compatible evaluation software available for download, including API library, Windows GUI, and a binary image for FPGA configuration.

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