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Juggling motherhood with a tech career

22nd May 2024
Sheryl Miles

A female tech leader has joined the debate over whether motherhood ruins women’s careers.

Juliet Moran has been the technical director of TelephoneSystems.Cloud for over 20 years and says mothers can still work demanding jobs while raising their children. 

The 48-year-old mum from Stoke-on-Trent has forged a successful career in the fast-paced tech industry while juggling motherhood.

But Juliet is becoming a rarity. Reports show 50% of women will leave the tech industry by age 35, which directly coincides with the years of motherhood. 

The tech industry is a fast-moving industry, and 42% of women say they experience a loss of confidence in their abilities after maternity leave. 

She admits juggling motherhood with a demanding job in tech is a “struggle” in such a fast-changing industry, but worth it for the long-term career opportunities. 

Juliet says a flexible return-to-work plan, open dialogue, and key business considerations in place like career progression will help retain a female workforce through motherhood. 

She urges women to take advantage of the Flexible Working Bill, which became law in England, Scotland, and Wales in April. 

It means employees can now request flexible working arrangements from the first day of their employment that are better suited to their personal needs, such as juggling family and caring commitments. 

Juliet, the technical director of TelephoneSystems.Cloud,  said: “The bottom line is we are seeing skilled female employees leaving one of the most exciting and innovative industries to become a mum.

“A tech career shouldn’t end because of motherhood but sadly half of women feel like they need to leave the industry to have a family. 

“I found juggling motherhood with a demanding job in tech a struggle at first, especially because the industry is so fast-changing, but it is possible and I am proof of that. 

“With an inclusive culture and flexible workplace and the right business considerations and policies in place, it is possible for companies to retain more females in the workforce. 

“I urge all women to fully understand their rights before considering leaving a successful career because we are just as capable after having a child, despite the archaic perception that some people still have. 

“Remember the Equality Act 2010 protects employees from discrimination and victimisation because of their pregnancy. Advocate for your rights and ask for proper onboarding and training programmes when returning to work.

“It is also worth noting that a new Flexible Working Bill is now in place, making it easier for women to request flexible working arrangements, including place of work and hours. 

“This is amazing news for women with parenting and caring responsibilities, and it levels out the playing field so women can have a successful career and a fulfilling home life.”

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