Current sensor trends for next-gen power conversion

30th June 2020
Lanna Cooper

This free, one-hour webinar is for developers of power supplies and power management for data centres / server farms, industrial appliances, motors and machines, electric vehicle and other high power applications that require extremely reliable and high performing power supplies.

In addition, personal electronics, IoT systems and home appliances are also requiring more effective power supply systems.

This webinar will also cover the technical challenges in power management performance and efficiency that will be required to enable the next generation of electronic and electrical solutions.

The webinar will discuss the growing need for improved current sensor technologies for high power conversion applications including faster switching wide bandgap Silicon Carbide & Gallium Nitrate based power systems. This webinar will also discuss the critical specification in selecting current sensors, examining the pros and cons of the leading types of current sensing technologies such as Hall-effect, transformers, shunt resistor and AMR. 

Webinar is scheduled for 16th July, 2020 01:00PM Eastern Time (US and Canada).

As attendance is limited, please register in advance for this webinar. You can register here.


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