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30th June 2020
Current sensor trends for next-gen power conversion

This free, one-hour webinar is for developers of power supplies and power management for data centres / server farms, industrial appliances, motors and machines, electric vehicle and other high power applications that require extremely reliable and high performing power supplies.

11th May 2020
ACEINNA supplies inertial measurement units for Komatsu

ACEINNA has announced its MTLT305D Dynamic Inclination and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) has been selected as the IMU solution for Komatsu Smart Construction Retrofit kit available in Japan through LANDLOG.

28th April 2020
Ultra-reliable highly accurate 1.3°/hr IMU sensor

ACEINNA has announced high volume availability of the new ACEINNA IMU383ZA IMU sensor, which integrates triple-redundant, three-axis MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

3rd April 2020
High precision navigation system for autonomous vehicles

ACEINNA has announced that it has reduced the cost for developers creating mission critical guidance and navigation systems for autonomous vehicles - robots, drones, industrial, construction, and agricultural machinery. This new ACEINNA OPENRTK330L can replace the expensive and bulky precision RTK/INS systems used in today’s autonomous systems.

7th January 2020
Current sensing rises to the challenges of embedded systems

The embedded electronics development community is currently experiencing the biggest changes in our industry since the creation of the integrated circuit. From new software-oriented solutions like Artificial Intelligence, to new hardware topologies, to new semiconductor materials, we are in the middle of a disruptive period of demanding growth. By Khagendra Thapa, VP of Business Development of ACEINNA’s Current Sensing business

Artificial Intelligence
5th December 2019
ACEINNA receives award for its autonomous car navigation

ACEINNA has announced that they have received an AVT ACES Award for their OpenIMU technology platform from Autonomous Vehicle Technology Magazine for autonomous vehicle guidance and navigation. AVT magazine awarded the ACES Award to ACEINNA’s OpenIMU open-source software stack, spotlighting it as an affordable and easy to use method to develop navigation solutions for many types of autonomous vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence
6th September 2019
Triple redundant IMU developing solutions for autonomous vehicles

ACEINNA has announced the new ACEINNA OpenIMU330B, a MEMS based, small form factor high-performance 6-DOF inertial measurement unit that enables autonomous vehicles to accurately stay on track during turns and complicated manoeuvres. Measuring only 11x15x3mm, it is designed for use in automotive ADAS and autonomous systems as well as for electronic stability control and Lane Keep Assist functions.

31st July 2019
The secrets inside of autonomous car safety

There is a lot of debate about the safety of autonomous vehicles. What happens when an autonomous vehicle with no steering wheel has a major system fault while speeding down a highway? People can die. Safe Stop is the industry term for, when things go wrong, by which an autonomous vehicle is able to stop without human intervention.

10th July 2019
CAN bus IMU improves autonomous car safety

ACEINNA has announced the availability of a new whitepaper for engineers involved in developing autonomous car navigation, safety and communication systems. This new whitepaper explains WHY and HOW to integrate Inertial Measurement Unit sensor technology with CAN communications in a variety of vehicle types and classes.

21st June 2019
Rugged open source inertial measurement unit sensor launched

ACEINNA has announced its new OpenIMU300RI. A rugged, sealed-package, open-source, nine-Degree-of-Freedom (9-DoF) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for autonomous off road, construction, agricultural and automotive vehicle applications. This new open-source IMU, allows engineers to easily optimise an attitude, navigation or other algorithm for their vehicle/application and run it in on the IMU.

13th June 2019
New sensing technologies demonstrated at Sensors Expo

At the Sensors Expo and Conference, ACEINNA plans to demonstrate its latest advanced sensing technologies. The event is going to be held June 25th to June 27th, 2019 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Booth number 1635. The exhibition area is open Wednesday, June 26th and Thursday, June 27th, starting at 10am. ACEINNA is in Booth 1635.

14th May 2019
What do developers need to know about current sensing technology?

  ACEINNA has announced the availability of a new whitepaper for engineers involved in developing power management solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Written by Khagendra Thapa, VP Current Sensor Product for ACEINNA, this new whitepaper outlines the basic issues that are addressed by current sensors and why they are important.

14th March 2019
Current sensor will make power supplies cheaper

Power supply circuits are literally everywhere. From the ubiquitous power bricks that recharge our phones to kilowatt server supplies in data centres, every modern electrified gadget has a switched-mode power supply circuit. Who wants to carry around a heavy laptop brick? What data centre does not want to drive energy cost down while at the same time increasing compute capacity?  By Mike Horton, CTO of ACEINNA 

Tech Videos
4th March 2019
Navigation solution design for ADAS and autonomous vehicles

A new video explains how the ACEINNA Open Navigation Platform simplifies and accelerates navigation solution designs.

13th February 2019
High accuracy current sensors based on AMR technology

The new MCx1101 family of ±5A, ±20A, and ±50A current sensors for industrial and power supply applications has been announced by ACEINNA. The first high accuracy wide bandwidth AMR-based current sensors on the market, units and evaluation boards are available now for sampling and volume shipments.

Artificial Intelligence
30th January 2019
Accurate system for guiding autonomous vehicles

With built-in inertial sensors the new INS1000 high performance dual band RTK INS (Real-Time Kinematic Inertial Navigation System), has been announced by ACEINNA, for construction, agriculture and automotive applications. The INS1000 embeds ACEINNA’s nine degree-of-freedom inertial sensor technology to achieve Automotive Dead Reckoning performance in GNSS challenged environments.

15th January 2019
How to develop navigation sensor solutions for drones

The OpenIMU solution from ACEINNA consists of three key parts. First is a family of Inertial Measurement Units consisting of three high-accuracy accelerometers, three high-accuracy gyros, and a powerful ARM Coretex. Zoom in on OpenIMU and OpenIMU CAN Second is an OpenSource tool chain and reference code for programming the IMU.

20th December 2018
Measuring dynamic tilt with an IMU

Why would you want to know the dynamic tilt angle on a vehicle? Consider a classic example of a plane in the clouds. The pilot cannot see the ground, nor can he or she trust their instincts because they will feel a false gravity when the aircraft is turning. This means they need a dynamic tilt sensor which – in an aircraft - is often called a vertical gyro or the artificial horizon. Similar technology is used in automobiles.

31st October 2018
Webinar for developers of drones, robots and AGVs

ACEINNA and IEEE GlobalSpec are providing a special technical how-to webinar for developers of autonomous systems – more precisely, how to affordably and quickly develop guidance, localisation and navigation systems for drones, autonomous cars, robots, cars, industrial AGVs, etc.

17th September 2018
Open source IMU development kit for drones

A professionally supported, open-source GPS/GNSS-aided inertial navigation software stack for low-cost precise navigation applications, has been announced by ACEINNA with the OpenIMU. The integrated hardware and software aims to cut development time and costs by up to 80%.

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