Beam management principles in 5G NR

2nd December 2019
Lanna Cooper


This webinar from Anritsu focused on beam management principles and test methods in 5G NR. It covered the technical aspects of Sub6 GHz and mmWave frequencies. Delegates were able to gain an understanding of beam management in the context of massive MIMO and Channel Emulation.

Delegates took away five key learnings...

  1. Understanding of the details of Beam Management Principles in 5G NR
  2. Focus on functions of protocol layers
  3. Understanding of the concepts in both sub6 GHz and mmWave frequencies
  4. Channel Emulation in 5G NR
  5. Learning of Beam Management Test Methods

The speaker for the webinar was Vikas Chauhan. Vikas has over 18 years’ experience in wireless telecoms, and test and measurement industries. Having led industry testing and strategies in 2G, 3G and 4G, he is now driving 5G activities across the industry for Anritsu.

Click here to listen to the webinar.

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