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UWB-based device aids social distancing requirements

22nd October 2020
Mick Elliott

The UWB-based Safe Distancing Assistant from Pathfindr is a new addition to RS Components supplier portfolio specialising in asset intelligence using connectivity-enabled location tracking.

Designed for use in enclosed environments, such as factories, offices, warehouses and education facilities, the small, lightweight UWB-based device can be easily clipped onto an ID lanyard to alert the wearers when a social distancing limit is being breached.

It can also do away with the need for intrusive PPE.

Pathfindr’s Safe Distancing Assistant uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to create a full 360-degree field of detection, which is far more reliable and accurate than other wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth.

The device works straight out of the box with no need for additional hardware, infrastructure, or connectivity. It has a default setting of two metres, which is also adjustable. As it is activated when worn, there is no need to remember to turn it on and off. It is fully rechargeable via the USB charging cable, which is supplied, and will provide up to five days of continuous use on one charge.

“Our Safe Distancing Assistant is affordable, hygienic and simple to use,” said Ben Sturgess, Chief Technical Officer at Pathfindr. “When worn, it emits a short audible or vibrating alert when another wearer is detected within two metres, advising both wearers to check and increase their distance. It will help businesses assure employees that robust social distancing measures are in place and prove compliance with safe working legal requirements.”

“Pathfindr’s Safe Distancing Assistant helps businesses effectively deal with the challenges of COVID-19,” said Rebecca Matthews, Commercial Supplier Manager at RS. “It also benefits businesses where there are likely to be visitors who may not be as familiar with internal social distancing procedures.”

Pathfindr’s Safe Distancing Assistant is available now from RS in the EMEA region.

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