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TR Fastenings opens new facility in Hungary

28th November 2022
Sheryl Miles

TR Fastenings Hungary Kft, part of the Trifast plc Group, is celebrating the opening of its new purpose-built facility in Budapest, building on years of rising demand in the region.

Located in the southern suburb of Szigetszentmiklós, Budapest, TR Fastenings Hungary Kft is a fastener and Cat C supplier to international OEM’s and their subcontractors not just in Hungary but in the seven countries that border them.

The new 3,500 sq. metre modern facility has 9.5 metre eaves in the warehouse and is a high-capacity distribution facility that is ready to support TR’s future European growth strategy.

TR Hungary was first established in 2000 and has grown considerably in that time, quickly outgrowing two previous locations. Its rapid growth has been a real success story for TR and the region alike.It has come about through rising demand from large multinational household brands, many of which TR supplies to elsewhere in the world.

Hungary has historically been a lower cost production region but with a highly skilled available workforce making it ideal for this kind of strategic investment. Hungary has a central location in Europe with seven countries on its border, which is perfect for distribution hubs.

A region growing in opportunity

Glenda Roberts, Global Projects and Marketing Director, Trifast plc, said: “Hungary has been a real success story for TR. Local infrastructure has been enhanced with the second airport and the recently enhanced road network. We located to a fast-growing industrial park off the M0 motorway, which proved to be a very fortuitous move as one of our largest customers NCR moved in just 600 metres away from us. Over time we have built a portfolio of multinational customers that expect the same excellent service that they receive from TR globally. This includes technical and engineering support, as well as logistics services.”

She went on to say: “We’re servicing these major customers in each of the countries surrounding the TR Hungary operation and inevitably we have had to expand again. It took several years because of the growth in Hungary to locate a new facility close to the existing site to grow into but we are very confident of the investment. We were very keen to retain trained staff, many of whom are also multilingual, so we ensured we did not move too far away. Product knowledge and an understanding of the level of service our multinational customers expect was a key staff retention factor, but we wanted to go further. The new facility is a showpiece modern workplace, where people have a great working environment and where customer and staff training sessions and customer site visits can also be held.”

Andrew Nuttall, European Managing Director at TR Fastenings, managed the project team and the move to the new facility. He said: “I’m very proud of what the TR Hungary team, under the management of Zoltan Csengeri, have achieved. Moving an entire facility in a month to a new location was no mean feat and now that we are established, we look forward to focussing on customer and staff development and growing our business in Central Europe”.   

“We were really working with a blank canvas, and it enabled us to incorporate the environmental and sustainability features and benefits for a truly modern workplace. The facility is in a green area, with fields to the exterior, on a purpose-built estate with excellent transport links. Every feature was thoroughly researched from the solar panels on the roof to the triple glazing. It includes full air conditioning, with added air quality monitoring equipment to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of our workforce. Automatic shutters on the warehouse roof windows assist in cost effective temperature control, while electric charging units have been installed to encourage the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, including company vehicles.

He concluded by saying: “We even engaged the service of a company to ensure that the ergonomics of the office furniture and other fittings came from a proven sustainable source, and we have focussed on the ambience, the colour palette and comfort, which included break out seating areas to enhance the working experience. Due to the large footprint of the building, it is mandated by the Hungarian authorities that we had to create a water catchment pond beside the warehouse for rainwater drainage. This is regularly checked and assessed for pollution levels, and our intention is that it becomes a feature with reed beds and planting to encourage wildlife and enhance the aesthetics of the building,”. 

The TR Hungary team is fully supported by the Group encompassing Sourcing, Technical and Design, Commercial, Financial, HR and Marketing support.


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