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Time-of-flight 3D cameras win ROCK Engineering Challenge

30th May 2023
Mick Elliott

Eric Schleicher, Founder and CEO of Constructive Realities has been named winner of OKdo’s Global ROCK Engineering Challenge.

The challenge invited engineers, developers, educators, inventors and entrepreneurs, to submit an idea based on the OKdo ROCK single board computers (SBC) and compute modules.

The contest attracted 160 entriesfrom around the world, with applications and ideas spanning various verticals such as IoT, Healthcare, Smart Homes, AI, Robotics, EdTech, Renewable Energy, and Smart City initiatives.

Grand prize winner Schleicher and his core team at Constructive Realities are developing Time of Flight (ToF) 3D cameras, capable of on-device depth data processing using the GPUs and NPUs.

These compact cameras have many exciting applications in AR/VR, IoT, robotics, and industrial products. An API allows users to process depth data and enables IoT functionality, while Linux-based SoM/SBCs provide extensibility and community support at an affordable price point.

As the winning team of the OKdo ROCK Engineering Challenge, they will enter into a partnership worth $50,000 with OKdo to further scale and develop their idea: receive support in product design, prototyping, business and marketing consultancy, and manufacturing/distribution expertise.

"We’re incredibly excited to win the ROCK Engineering Challenge. Looking at the quality of the other teams’ submissions, we’re even more inspired to make our 3D camera systems available to the communities that are driving innovation. Establishing our new partnership with OKdo, Radxa and the RS Group is going to significantly accelerate our product development program and is allowing us to expand the scope and capabilities of our next product release,” said Eric Schleicher, Founder and CEO of Constructive Realities.

In addition to the grand prize, the Wevolver Community Winner, Marcel Ochsendorf, was chosen through a public poll of the finalists. His project submission focused on supporting medical facilties. Ochsendorf will be given the opportunity to pitch his project to the senior management of OKdo and its partners.

Ochsendorf’s project aims to record patients' status using a thermal imaging camera, tracking breathing status, frequency, body temperature, and movements (fall) without contact. The system will notify medical staff if necessary, while ensuring complete anonymization of patients' data, as no sensitive data will leave the room.

The project leverages the Rock SBC's dedicated GPU for local data processing, ensuring data protection and sufficient resources for later upgrades.

Developed in collaboration between OKdo and Radxa, the ROCK platforms offer leading capabilities, hardware, and performance in a similar form factor as other popular SBC boards. ROCK offers professionals, industrial OEMs, IoT enthusiasts, hobbyists, PC DIY enthusiasts, and makers a reliable and capable platform for building extraordinary next-generation technology applications.

The ROCK boards are particularly suited for commercial applications that need a powerful and customizable board, including but not limited to robotics, smart home devices, medical devices, automation, IoT, and environmental monitoring.

"The ROCK Engineering Challenge has truly demonstrated the immense potential of engineers worldwide in pushing the boundaries of SBC applications. We are thrilled to see the diverse and innovative ideas submitted, showcasing the power of collaboration and creativity within the global engineering community," said Sander Arts, CMO at OKdo.

"It's truly inspiring to see the incredible potential and innovative ideas emerging from the engineering community,” said Bram Geenen, Co-Founder and CEO of Wevolver. “The ROCK Engineering Challenge has brought together some of the best minds to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what's possible with single board computers. We are excited to support these pioneers as they continue to create ground-breaking solutions for the future."

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