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10th May 2023
Sheryl Miles

At PCIM 2023, Freda King, Service Manager at WIN SOURCE, talks to Electronic Specifier’s Contributing Editor, Caroline Hayes, about Win Source’s broad product portfolio, it’s commitment to sustainable development, and the advantages of being an international supplier to the electronics industry.

WIN SOURCE was established in 1999 as a means to source obsolete, end-of-life, and other hard-to-source components for the electronics industry. Since its inception, the company has expanded its supply chain experience and now inhabits warehouses in Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, and Philippines and employees more than 210 employees serving customers in more than 100 countries.

WIN SOURCE'S broad product portfolio serves a plethora of industries from Aerospace, and automation, to custom electronics, automotive and more.

“The main products we source are ICs, as well as discrete semiconductors, sensors, connectors, circuit protection products, and passive component power products … we are committed to improving our component and product requirements.”

To hold true to this commitment, Freda comments that WIN SOURCE has received extensive recognition from third party certification bodies, receiving their ISO 9001 certification, which they’ve held since 2008 and review annually. They also have multi-industry standard certification, ESD 20.20.

“To integrate into various fields of the industry, we also joined a lot of associations such as ASA, OPTICA, IPC and SMTA.”

Freda also confirms that WIN SOURCE is keen to get to know about industry trends and experience the global development of the electronic industry, whilst also endeavouring to contribute to the various communities of the industry.

A Q1 reflection

A key area for WIN SOURCE in Q1 of 2023 was to focus on enhancing the continuity of their business and making their supply more flexible so they could adapt to political changes and enhance their supply resilience.

Since the COVID-19 restrictions have been fully lifted, Freda asserts that “our supply chain remains stable after completely lifting the restrictions of the [COVID-19] pandemic, and our factory and distribution inventory rates remain at a relatively high level.”

Their steady performance in Q1 is something that Freda is confident they can build on to create another growth peak this year.

What advantages can WIN SOURCE offer engineers?

WIN SOURCE is an independent component distributor in Asia and the largest electric component online store in Asia. This reach has the advantage of helping engineers to cope with the recovery of demand in the chip industry.

“WIN SOURCE is a one-stop online shop for customers, with 24hr delivery and 365 days guarantee. We also provide over 1 million component inventories from over 3,000 manufacturers.”

This reach means that WIN SOURCE is able to find obsolete and scrapped parts, or even common-used parts for customers at the most competitive price.

Freda further comments that WIN SOURCE is “the first [company] to establish an overseas B2B e-commerce platform” after they identified the pain-point of the procurement process, especially for small and medium sized manufacturing companies.

“After 24yrs of growth, we established an independent and mature internal supply system which offers customers rigorous supplier approval process as well as flexible, real-time procurement process.”

Sustainable development

To achieve sustainability, WIN SOURCE believes in taking action and supporting engineers with their sustainable development.

“First of all, we offer alternative solutions as part of our business, meaning in addition to finding obsolete parts for the customers, we also offer innovative, alternative solutions for customers to fulfil their current or future business goals. This way, they can avoid waste and reduces costs or even retain their production chain without disruption.

“We [also] actively apply for certifications related to environmental management, such as ISO14001 which is related to environmental systems. WIN SOURCE want to build a green enterprise, and rather than subjectively believing that our products are environmentally friendly … we try out best to meet standards and requirements … We believe that supporting sustainable development is one of our social responsibilities that we need to put into practice and not just say it.”

Visit WIN SOURCE's booth at PCIM.

To see the full interview, watch the video below.

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