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Keysight Technologies at productronica 2019

25th November 2019
Alex Lynn

At productronica 2019, Electronic Specifier’s Mick Elliot caught up with Keysight Technologies, where the company unveiled its new in-circuit tester, which is the only short wire option in circuit testing currently. By being short wire, the solution has the advantage of enabling high speed digital data and signals.

The short-wire in-circuit tester technology from Keysight has been around for thirty years now, with the company revealing the latest model at productronica 2019. The advantages of this system are that it brings more accuracy when catching signals, especially when doing digital testing using boundaries. 

This new system is ready for Industry 4.0, meaning it is prepared for machine to machine communication, cloud connection, predictive and preventive maintenance information; all of this works so that the system can be immediately implemented into an Industry 4.0 environment. 

Customers who have bought previous generations of this technology from Keysight will still be able to use some of the parts of those systems, such as the test cards, in the new technology. It is also possible to connect additional instrumentation, such as an oscilloscope or power supply. 

The technology also includes in-mode support, which is a solution to the problem of factories in remote locations unable to give speedy support. Through in-mode, customers are able to get the support for maintenance and checks they may need to perform more easily, through cameras and connectivity with service engineers. 

To learn more about Keysight Technologies at productronica 2019, watch the video below.

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