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ESD immunity performance for galvanic isolation products

2nd April 2020
Alex Lynn

In this video, we will run thousands of voltage across some really cool and small semiconductor devices. In any high voltage and electrical noise system, the electro-static discharge (or ESD) immunity, an important aspect of electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC, is a key consideration in choosing a galvanic isolation device.

An ESD can strike across electrical isolated systems. This does not relate to the protection devices on the printed circuit board. The IEC 61000-4-2 standard specifies this system-level immunity performance. This video will show you how an optocoupler or isolator performs at up to 8,000V of ESD strike. You will see whether the device still functions normally, or suffers failure of soft functional operation or hard physical damage. This will help you select a robust isolation device in your system design for ESD immunity.

ElectroNews explain more in the instructional video below

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