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Smiths Interconnect Dundee site expands RF filter capability

29th March 2023
Mick Elliott

Smiths Interconnect has extended engineering and manufacturing capabilities for its broad range of RF filters, including to serve the European and Asian markets.

The company has previously only produced qualified RF Filters from its Salisbury, Maryland facility, mainly for the US market. 

Moving forwards, a line of Cavity, Waveguide, Planar X RF filters and Multi-Functional Assemblies (MFA’s) will also be developed, manufactured, and tested in the manufacturing site in Dundee, Scotland, UK for customers out of the US.

“This investment is driven by customer demand as it will allow customers in Europe and Asia to have access to products previously offered only by Smiths Interconnect’s manufacturing site in the US and subject to the US export regulations”,said Tullio Panarello, VP and General Manager of the Fibre Optics and RF Components Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. “It is also a great example of our local-for-local supply chain as we can now service customers in Europe out of the UK site rather than the US”, he added.

The RF filters manufactured in Dundee are developed as a stepping stone for a multitude of sizes, interfaces, and performance configurations, allowing Smiths Interconnect to meet customers’ unique requirements.

Smiths Interconnect’s RF Filters offer the following features:

  • Robust materials – suitable for harsh defence and space environments
  • Surface mount configuration – ideal for pick-and-place applications
  • Light weight – reducing overall system mass in critical space and defence applications

RF filters are a crucial component of wireless technology that allows the filtering out of unwanted signals or frequencies to only receive the correct frequency.

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