Series 7 Episode 5 – Automotive Trends 2022

22nd April 2022
Sam Holland

In this podcast, Electronic Specifier's Charlotte Morgan interviews Ryan Manack, Director, Worldwide Marketing at Texas Instruments (TI) about TI's work in the automotive industry, ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), and more.

Ryan begins his discussion with a comment on Texas Instruments' extensive research and development into the automotive industry. "Our team is tasked with working with customers around the globe to make TI parts easier to use," he explains, "focusing in on key sectors within the automotive body of electronics: ADAS, infotainment, cluster, powertrain, and HEVs/EVs [hybrid electric vehicles/electric vehicles]."

"TI has been in the automotive semiconductor business for over 40 years. We have over 7,000 automotive qualified analogue and embedded ICS [industrial control systems] released and we release over 500 new automotive ICS per year. We've been doing that since 2014."

When asked about ADAS, moreover, Ryan discussed the comparison that advanced driver assistance systems have with a human's experience of driving.

"If you think about a human driving, our hands are on the wheel, we're alert, we're attentive, we're looking at the road ahead. We are sensing through the human driving experience ...

"And then, as we're interpreting all of this information ... we as humans will communicate that information internally to then go make a decision on what to do next. ADAS is really the same. And so, what you have to do in ADAS is still sense what's happening in the environment around you."

Ryan goes on to explain in more detail both the differences and similarities between the human driving experience and its ADAS equivalent, as well as the key current technologies in intelligent automotive systems, such as radar sensing, vehicle safety systems, battery management technology, and much more.

To listen to this podcast on Texas Instruments' comprehensive work in the automotive industry, click here to listen on Spotify or click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.

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