Series 7 Episode 2 – The use of AI and MV in Manufacturing

1st April 2022
Sam Holland

This week’s podcast sees Charlotte Morgan interview Pavan Singh, Vice President of Product Management at Lynx Software Technologies about how Lynx's machine vision technology benefits the manufacturing industry.

Pavan explains that he is an engineer by training, but has been in the sphere of the Internet of Things "and what we call now edge technologies" for about 15 years.

Lynx is a mission-critical edge company whose goal, to quote Pavan is to "drive the software-driven transformation that's going through every single industry right now".

Lynx aims to use machine vision, a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with image inspection to analyse objects, to achieve such software innovation. "What it means is that we use a camera as a sensor to capture data and make make inferences," Pavan explains. "We use the AI, and more specifically, machine learning, to look at images and be able to learn when when there's a defect in the image or when there's not.

"And then, once trained, that inference model is able to take completely new images, and then tell you [manufacturers, engineers, and so on] whether there's supposed to be a good image, or otherwise defective vision and defects ... in a part that has been produced on a production line."

To learn more about the use of machine vision in manufacturing, click here to listen to the podcast on Spotify; or click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.


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