Series 7 episode 1 – The increasing need for higher performance instruments

25th March 2022
Sam Holland

In this first episode of Series 7 of Electronic Specifier Insights, Mick Elliot talks with Sadashiv Phadnis, Product Marketing Manager at Anritsu about mmwave (millimetre wave) analogue signal generators.

Millimetre wave (mmwave) technology is of course a vital part of the communications industry and is also known as the EHF (extremely high frequency) band based on the terminology of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union).

Owing to its wavelength size of between 10 millimetres (30GHz) and 1 millimetre (300GHz), mmwave is suitable for small antennae and the technology is accordingly useful for a variety of miniaturised wireless tech, such as small IoT devices.

In this interview, Sadashiv talks about the benefits of millimetre wave technology and the test and measurement processes involved in optimising it. In particular, the product marketing manager discusses Anritsu's Rubidium RF/Microwave Signal Generator. To quote, Sadashiv:

"We [Anritsu] recently introduced our latest high-performance analogue signal generator product called Rubidium. There are a few areas where Rubidium excels and stands apart from all the signal generators that are out in the market today."

To listen to this podcast, click here to access it on Spotify, and click here to play it on Apple Podcasts.


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