Series 6: Episode 9 – IoT Smart Cities: the present and future

4th March 2022
Sam Holland

This week's podcast sees Charlotte Morgan talk with Iqbal Singh, the Founder of telecoms advisor Intelligens Consulting, about smart cities.

Iqbal Singh, who started Intelligens Consulting in 2017, begins the discussion by explaining that a better term for what people consider to be 'smart cities' is 'smart places'. "I think 'smart places' is more relevant, because rural areas [and] small towns can also benefit from smart technology.

"It's really about developing systems – creating data from systems and using data to make really smart decisions."

On top of this, Iqbal explains his thoughts on the Internet of Things, and how its true potential can only really be realised in instances where it is integrated with artificial intelligence – especially in terms of how it can drive data for transport: "I love driving my car ... but driving in a city is a complete nightmare. But I still have to drive into the city centre, so I think where we evolve with IoT and it really starts to become exciting is when we overlay it with artificial intelligence."

To listen to Iqbal Singh's thoughts on both the present and future of smart cities, the IoT, intelligent transport and much more, click here to listen on Spotify and click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.



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