Series 6: Episode 7 – The future of smartphone video performance

17th February 2022
Sam Holland

Charlotte Morgan talks with Johan Svensson, Chief Technology Officer of the Swedish software company IMINT Image Intelligence AB, which focuses on video enhancement and more.

As Johan explains, IMINT Image Intelligence AB's video enhancement software focuses on many application areas, but alongside its industrial uses, the main focus of IMINT's technology is in consumer electronics – particularly smartphones.

"The smartphone market is definitely our biggest market right now," says the IMINT CTO. "We do other things as well, but customers and partners are mainly the Android smartphone makers Xiaomi, Qualcomm and Motorola. We have several products for video enhancement, but the most famous one I would say is video stabilisation."

Continues Johan: "We use AI methods to utilise the hardware that keeps being implemented in smartphones, for instance, the microprocessor units – for the benefit of reducing power consumption of the phone. Power is really important when you handle videoing in smartphones."

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