Series 11 – Episode 1 – How to accelerate the journey to L3 and L4 autonomous driving

27th January 2023
Paige West

Paige West speaks with Alberto Broggi, GM of Ambarella Italy about accelerating the journey to L3 and L4 autonomous driving.

These are the levels of autonomous driving:

  • Level 0 (No Driving Automation)
  • Level 1 (Driver Assistance)
  • Level 2 (Partial Driving Automation)
  • Level 3 (Conditional Driving Automation)
  • Level 4 (High Driving Automation)
  • Level 5 (Full Driving Automation)

At the moment, many car makers are providing Level 2 cars. There is somebody currently trying to commercialise Level 3 cars, which is complete autonomy.

The ideal future, in particular for Level 4 and 5, will be to have a fleet of shared cars like robo-taxis.

But one of the major challenges the automotive industry faces is how to accelerate the movement up the levels of autonomous driving.

“I started in the late 90s and I remember that every discussion we had, the result was ‘well in 10 years it will be happening’ or ‘in 25 years it will be happening’,” said Broggi. “But as time passes, we understand that it’s a really hard problem.”

Broggi goes on to talk about how exactly the automotive industry can move more rapidly up the levels of vehicle autonomy, how safe autonomous vehicles are and his predictions for the future of the automotive industry.

To hear more about designing for autonomous vehicles and much more, you can listen to Electronic Specifier’s interview with Alberto Broggi on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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