Season 3 - Episode #3 – The rise of graphene-based sensor technology

23rd April 2021
Alex Lynn

Since graphene appeared on the scene, it has been touted as having the ability to revolutionise electronics - but why is that? For anyone not in the know, graphene is a one atom thick sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, by being only one atom thick, the material occupies a very small space.

As well as this, graphene is extremely electrically and thermally conductive, it’s transparent, flexible, and incredibly mechanically strong. As well as this, graphene is thermally and chemically stable. And one of these factors alone would make graphene an excellent material to be incorporated into electronic devices, but that this one material has all of these properties, means that the potential for graphene is almost endless.

Graphene-based sensor technology has been gaining ground on traditional sensor materials since it was discovered, and has been seeing lab-scale success in biosensors. From this, an idea was born to combine graphene with gallium nitride, and resources have been poured into graphene to help create large area device quality correctly, using graphene.

In this podcast, graphene expert Ellie Galanis has explained the wonders and endless potential that graphene presents, as well as introducing the graphene Hall Effect sensor, which is suited to battery applications. Paragraf is ahead of the game and has already taken this new technology and developed a new Hall Effect sensor, which makes it possible to get a more detailed and localised understanding of battery cell behaviour.

Galanis talks about what it is that makes graphene such a unique and valuable technology in this sector, and what Paragraf has done to find itself so head of the curve in this particular technology.

Galanis also takes us through the forms of testing and analysis that can be derived from using these new sensors, as well as what is happening with the EV manufacturers already doing trials with this new technology. Finally, Galanis gives listeners an insight into what other mass market opportunities there are for graphene-based electronic devices, and where she envisages initial traction is going to be found.

Tune in to find out more about this exciting new technology.

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