Episode #17 – Women in Electronics

4th December 2020
Joe Bush

Women in Electronics is a community of progressive women leaders who are dedicated to the professional and personal leadership development of women in the fast-paced electronics industry.

‘WE’ was formed in the autumn of 2017 by a group of 20 inaugural women coming from all over the US. The group was built with the premise of women working collaboratively to find inspiration, strength, and empowerment through a sense of community.

The organisation’s objectives are to empower women through virtual event discussion groups; to develop women with its Professional and Personal Leadership Training and Development Program; advocate for itself and others through the professional career coaching in the Mentorship Program; and to celebrate the accomplishments and advancement of women.

The organisation has also recently announced an expansion into Europe. In this podcast we speak to Jackie Mattox, Founder of WE, to find out more about the organisation, its goals, and activities within the industry.

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