Smart 5G patrol robots to fight coronavirus

17th March 2020
Alex Lynn

As part of its effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, China is using 5G patrol robots developed by Guangzhou Gosuncn Robot using Advantech technology to monitor mask wearing and body temperatures in public places.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the Guangzhou Gosuncn Robot Co.,Ltd, a leading provider of smart city IoT products and services, upgraded its 5G-powered police patrol robot with new capabilities to assist first-line police officers in conducting disease prevention inspections.

Because the manual measurement of body temperature exposes public safety personnel to potential health risks, these robots are equipped with five high-resolution cameras and infrared thermometers capable of scanning the temperature of ten people simultaneously within a radius of five meters.

If a high temperature or the absence of a mask is detected, the robots send an alert to the relevant authorities. All data can be transmitted to a centralized control center for real-time situational response and decision making.

Moreover, although these robots are self-driving machines, they can also be controlled remotely, thereby saving manpower by reducing patrolling responsibilities and preventing cross-infection. It's no surprise then that these next-generation 5G patrol robots have already been spotted at airports and shopping malls in the cities of Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Guiyang.

Gosuncn's 5G patrol robots integrate IoT, AI, cloud computing, and big data technologies to conduct environmental sensing, dynamic decision-making, autonomous motion control, as well as behavioral sensing and interaction.To enable such advanced computing, 5G patrol robots are powered by a high-performance industrial edge computer (MIC-770)equipped with an 8thgen Intel Core i processor and GPU iModule (MIC-75G20)aimed at IoT applications.

Developed by Advantech, a leading provider of high-performance industrial computing solutions,theMIC-770industrial-grade edge computer combined withMIC-75G20 GPU iModule provide a high-performance system for AI training and inference.

Towithstand 24/7 operationunder extreme conditions, theMIC-770'sruggedized chassis and cast aluminum heatsink protect against vibration and shock, the passive thermal solution ensures silent operation, and all electronic components satisfy industrial standards for environmental protection, EMI/ESD tolerance, and high-voltage surge requirements (2KV).

Meanwhile, theMIC-75G20 GPU iModulesupports PCIe/PCI I/F add-on cards, such as frame grabber, GPU, and motion control cards, in addition to mainstream GPU cards(with active cooling), and reserves an additional 12VDCof power from the onboard connector for cards that require additional power.

Overall, the high-performance computing power of Advantech's MIC-770+MIC-75G20solution can be widely applied in urban security, smart equipment, autonomousvehicles, AI inference servers, high-end medical orsecurityinspectionequipment, and machine vision solutions to enable diverse industrial automation applications.

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