Q-Tech’s space-qualified MCXOs and OCXOs

18th June 2024
Sheryl Miles

Q-Tech, a global supplier of space-qualified crystal oscillators and high-performance frequency control systems, announces its expanded offering of high-stability microprocessor compensated (MCXO) and oven-controlled (OCXO) crystal oscillators.

Designed for reliable operation in New Space (low earth orbit) satellite timing and frequency generation applications, the QT2021 Series of MCXOs and the AXIOM75Sx Series of OCXOs meet the critical radiation tolerance specifications required for LEO deployment. The devices in both series offer a wide range of standard frequencies; the QT2021 MCXOs from 10MHz to 100MHz and the AXIOM 75Sx OCXOs from 10MHz to 400MHz. All are available with either Sine Wave or CMOS logic outputs.

Key features of the QT2021 Series of MCXOs are radiation tolerance to 50kRad(Si) TID, best-in-class frequency stability over temperature (±10 to ±30ppb), single event latch-up (SEL) of 75MeV-cm2/mg (min), high shock and vibration tolerance with G-sensitivity of 1ppb/g, and phase noise floor of –168dBc/Hz (at greater than or equal to 100kHz offset).

The QT2021 devices’ small form-factor package weighs just 50g, versus comparable oven-controlled (OCXO) units weighing 100g or more. This significant improvement in size, weight, and power (SWaP) results in a highly preferable MCXO option for a wide array of advanced satellite cluster designs.

Key features of the AXIOM75Sx Series of OCXOs are radiation tolerance to 50kRad(Si) TID, single-event latch-up (SEL) immunity (by design), single-event transient (SET) insensitivity and excellent frequency stability over temperature (less than ±50ppb). Their state-of-the-art ultra-low noise performance with a phase noise floor of –180dBc/Hz (at greater than or equal to 100kHz offset) enables high up- and down-link satellite bandwidths. Packaged in hermetically sealed enclosures to enhance reliability, the wide available frequency range of the OCXOs, from 10–400MHz, covers many potential New Space applications.

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