New data centre to boost North Lincolnshire job market

16th May 2024
Sheryl Miles

Plans for a new data centre in North Lincolnshire, set to create 400 jobs, have been submitted to North Lincolnshire Council.

The proposed development, Humber Tech Park, will be located near the A160 in South Killingholme and could position the area as a key player in the AI industry, attracting £3 billion in investment.

Graphic of proposed masterplan 

Current job market in North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire currently has a mixed job market. According to the Office for National Statistics, the employment rate for residents aged 16 to 64 is 75.0%, which, despite a recent decrease, remains slightly higher than the average for Yorkshire and The Humber. Yet, the unemployment rate stands at 2.8%, lower than the regional average.

Economic inactivity has risen to 22.7%, which suggests that a notable proportion of the working-age population is neither employed nor seeking employment. Additionally, the Claimant Count, which measures those receiving unemployment-related benefits, has increased to 3.6%​.

Impact of the new data centre

Economic boost: the Humber Tech Park data centre is expected to provide a significant boost to the local economy. Councillor Rob Waltham described the project as a "massive vote of confidence" in the local economy. The project includes three large buildings, offices, and a horticultural glass house, covering 309,000 square metres. It is expected to attract other high-tech businesses to the area.

Job creation and skills development: the facility will create 400 full-time operational jobs with average salaries exceeding £50,000. These roles will include technical positions and support roles such as security, catering, and cleaning. The influx of high-skilled and high-paid jobs is likely to reduce the unemployment rate further and provide new opportunities for local residents, contributing to a more vibrant local economy.

Infrastructure and community benefits: in addition to job creation, the project will bring substantial infrastructure improvements, including funding for sustainable transport and other community benefits. The project is also expected to enhance local biodiversity with new tree plantings and ponds. During the construction phase, additional employment opportunities will arise, further stimulating local economic activity.

Regional tech industry growth: Humber Tech Park will position North Lincolnshire as a hub for AI and digital technology in the North of England. This development will support the broader goal of decentralising the UK's tech industry, traditionally concentrated in the South East, and promote more balanced regional economic growth.

Sustainable development: the project emphasises a low traffic profile, with construction traffic routed strategically to minimise local disruption. Once operational, the data centre is expected to have minimal vehicle movements, aligning with sustainable development practices.

The proposed Humber Tech Park is strategic opportunity for North Lincolnshire that is set to be economically beneficial. If approved, the data centre will enhance the local job market and solidify North Lincolnshire's position as a key player in the tech industry in the North of England.

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