Low viscosity, biocompatible epoxy offers optical clarity

8th September 2022
Sheryl Miles

Master Bond EP4CL-80Med is a one-part, optically clear epoxy developed for use in medical device assembly applications. It withstands repeated sterilisation cycles and passes ISO 10993-5 testing for non-cytotoxicity.

This product cures at moderate temperatures of around +80 – +85°C within 60 to 90 minutes and faster at slightly higher temperatures. As a one part, non-premixed and frozen system, it contains no solvents, and has an ‘unlimited’ working life at room temperature. 

Suitable for bonding, sealing, impregnating, and coating, it provides a high glass transition temperature of +155 – +160°C and has a low viscosity of 50-150cps at +25°C. This allows it to be applied by brushing, spraying, and spin coating.

EP4CL-80Med provides notable strength properties including a compressive strength of 12,000-14,000psi and a high tensile modulus of 450,000-500,000psi at room temperature. It is serviceable over the temperature range of -62°C to +232°C.

This compound is an excellent electrical insulator with a volume resistivity of more than 1014ohm-cm at room temperature and has a refractive index of 1.52 at +25°C. EP4CL-80Med has good resistance to many sterilisation methods, including autoclaving, dry heat, radiation, and chemical sterilants.

Furthermore, it resists vaporised hydrogen peroxide, a sterilisation technology from STERIS. It bonds well to a variety of substrates such as metals, composites, ceramics, and many plastics. Packaging is available in jars and cans, as well as syringes.

Master bond sterilisation resistant epoxies

Master Bond EP4CL-80Med is a one-part epoxy for bonding, sealing and coating that passes ISO 10993-5 and withstands many types of sterilisation. It can cure at temperatures as low as +80°C unlike conventional one part, heat curing systems.

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