Graphene Flagship releases annual report

5th May 2021
Alex Lynn

The latest edition of the Graphene Flagship Annual Report has now been released. Download it for free to learn about the achievements from the scientific project during the last year, with exclusive insights into the Graphene Flagship, its Spearhead Projects, diversity initiatives, 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL) and more.

2020 was an unusual year for many, but the Graphene Flagship kept making waves in the field of graphene and layered materials. Now, the initiative’s eleven industry-led Spearhead Projects are flourishing, and our 15 scientific Work Packages continue to produce cutting-edge research.

The 2D-Experimental Pilot Line is reportedly off to a running start, and the Graphene Flagship is sailing on course, having met and surpassed some of the predictions defined by our previous Technology and Innovation Roadmap.

Now, the Graphene Flagship devotes one third of its total funding to these projects, creating innovative graphene-based solutions for a broad range of fields from autonomous driving to solar energy. The Annual Report features a dedicated page for each project.

The Annual Report also highlights how the Graphene Flagship has created a diverse and welcoming consortium in a new feature about why Diversity Matters, find out how the Graphene Flagship contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Green Deal, and see how the Graphene Flagship is charting its course for success, making strides in fields like energy, electronics, aeronautics, space and more.

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