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20th May 2022
Could graphene be the answer to the semiconductor shortage?

“Never take anything for granted,” so the old saying goes. Unfortunately, this advice wasn’t heeded for semiconductors, as a global shortage affects vital electronic appliances and social infrastructure that underpin our everyday lives.

5th May 2022
2D Experimental Pilot Line offers developers the chance to test graphene-based sensors

The 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL), a project grown from the Graphene Flagship, has launched its first customisable wafer run.

21st April 2022
Solving problems with graphene

Since graphene’s discovery, researchers have found hundreds of potential applications for this versatile material.

6th August 2021
Waving the flag for graphene

What impact will graphene have on daily life? Vincenzo Palermo, vice director of the Graphene Flagship looks at some current sustainability projects.  

18th June 2021
Graphene creates textiles of the future

Grafren AB, a Swedish chemical manufacturer and Associated Member of the Graphene Flagship, has been granted its first patent for a new method of separating graphene flakes. Here, Erik Khranovskyy, CEO of Grafren, explains how this pioneering technology could be used to turn simple textiles into smart, electronic products and interfaces.

24th May 2021
Imaging tech for next-generation computer vision solutions

Since its inception in 2013, the Graphene Flagship has focused on technological innovation and bringing new graphene-enabled solutions to the market. To this end, it has pioneered the creation of several spin-off companies in industries ranging from energy and materials discovery to biotech and optoelectronics.

5th May 2021
Graphene Flagship releases annual report

The latest edition of the Graphene Flagship Annual Report has now been released. Download it for free to learn about the achievements from the scientific project during the last year, with exclusive insights into the Graphene Flagship, its Spearhead Projects, diversity initiatives, 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL) and more.

6th April 2021
Layered materials grant sight to electronic chips

Researchers at Graphene Flagship partner, the Vienna University of Technology in Austria, has reported an image sensor with an integrated Artificial Neural Network (ANN) capable of learning and classifying images within nanoseconds. The chip is a thousand times faster and uses much less power than conventional vision technologies.

22nd March 2021
Wafer-scale production of graphene-based photonic devices

Our world needs reliable telecommunications more than ever before. However, classic devices have limitations in terms of size and cost and, especially, power consumption that is directly related to greenhouse emissions. Here, Francesco Bonaccorso, Deputy Head of Innovation of the Graphene Flagship, explains how a new technology could change this - and also transform the future of broadband.

13th January 2021
Setting standards for graphene materials

Silicon was first discovered in 1787, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that it became widely used in industry. In contrast, the Graphene Flagship has been working to bring graphene to the market in just ten years. Determining accepted technical standards for graphene will play a large part in meeting that deadline. In this article, Thurid Gspann, Chair of the Graphene Flagship Standardisation Committee (GFSC), has explained why standardisation...

Alternative Energy
26th November 2020
Graphene Flagship works towards sustainability goals

Does science have a responsibility to be sustainable? The Graphene Flagship, one of the European Commission’s biggest research projects, is working to bring graphene out of labs and into society. But, what kind of impact will graphene have on daily life? In this article Vincenzo Palermo, Vice Director of the Graphene Flagship, discusses how they are spearheading towards sustainability.

20th November 2020
Graphene innovation in Finland

In Finland, PhD graduates are welcomed to wear a ceremonial top hat and sword for their graduation. This unusual tradition is just one of the country’s curious quirks. For instance, did you know there are more saunas than cars in Finland? What’s also lesser known, is Finland’s extensive contribution to graphene research through European project, the Graphene Flagship.

5th October 2020
Tech transfer offers an alternative path for scientists

Knowledge and technology transfer, or KTT, played a role in the creation of everything from Google to Gatorade. The Graphene Flagship explores this growing field, and how it connects academia with industry. At some point in their career, almost every researcher must make a choice between academia and industry. Some stick faithfully to one end of the spectrum, while others move between the two at different stages of their career. KT...

1st October 2020
Graphene Flagship launches new diversity initiative

European research consortium, the Graphene Flagship has launched a new diversity initiative. Diversity in Graphene builds on the success of the Graphene Flagship’s Women in Graphene programme, but aims to represent all minority and marginalised communities, currently underrepresented in science. The initiative was introduced during the Graphene Flagship’s three-day digital conference, Graphene For Re...

22nd September 2020
Are virtual conferences the future of networking?

Could the stereotype of academics standing in front of a chalkboard be replaced by virtual reality? In light of worldwide event cancellations, scientists are rethinking how they network. Today, researchers are turning to online platforms as a way to connect with researchers and journalists around the globe. Here, Luciana Löberg, Events Manager at Graphene Flagship, explores the future of virtual conferences and their potential to o...

Alternative Energy
3rd September 2020
Digital event offers insight into future of energy storage

Following the success of Graphene For Energy Storage - a digital event to investigate the potential of nanomaterials in energy - the Graphene Flagship has launched its 'Graphene For' digital event series. The multi-event series will discuss the latest research and technologies from the realm of materials science.

Quantum Tech
19th August 2020
Graphene and layered materials will speed up quantum communications

Launched in late 2018, Nu Quantum recently became an Associate Member of the EU-funded Graphene Flagship project. The startup, a spin off from the Cavendish Laboratory at Graphene Flagship partner the University of Cambridge, UK, specialises in single-photon quantum technology that is set to create unbreakable encryption keys.

Alternative Energy
6th August 2020
Graphene and related materials inks improve solar cells

Imagine the environmental benefits if we could all simply paint solar cells onto the roof of our houses, or onto any surface for that matter. We could do this using Perovskite Solar Cells (PSC), but, due to their instability, they have not yet been widely introduced. Now, researchers from the Graphene Flagship have developed hybrids of graphene and molybdenum disulphide quantum dots to stabilise PSCs.

31st July 2020
Bringing graphene and new materials to market

Remember the computer triode? Unless you’re an early-tech enthusiast, it’s unlikely. Used as switches in the first electronic computers, these vacuum tubes consumed a great deal of power. They were unreliable and upon the invention of silicon chips, were quickly replaced. A new material has the potential to shift entire industries. Here, Kari Hjelt, Head of Innovation of Graphene Flagship explains how graphene is set to do t...

28th July 2020
Funding received for implant to treat brain disorders

Graphene Flagship spin-off, INBRAIN Neuroelectronics has just received a €1m investment from Sabadell Asabys, Alta Life Sciences, ICF and Finaves. This spin-off was born from Graphene Flagship partners the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) and ICREA to speed up the development of novel graphene-based implants to optimise the treatment of brain disorders, such as Parkinson's and epilepsy.

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