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Global semiconductor industry is gearing up for the future

The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) welcomes today’s agreement of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) on its 26th joint recommendations.

High-level executives from world-leading semiconductor companies came together to strengthen international competitiveness through dialogue & cooperation. The ESIA delegation was chaired by Dr Helmut Gassel, Chief Marketing Officer and Member of the Management Board at Infineon Technologies.

Chief executive officers and industry representatives from the largest semiconductor companies in the world advanced their cooperation to face current and future challenges to the global industry. At WSC 2022, participants agreed to continue implementing greenhouse gas emissions reduction best practices for new fabs. Semiconductors enable the transition towards a decarbonised global economy and help fight climate change by reducing society’s environmental footprint. In that vein, the regions of the WSC also keep up their efforts to minimise their impact while producing ever more energy-efficient devices.

With incentive initiatives announced in all major semiconductor producing regions, the WSC continues its efforts to ensure that government support complements the fair multilateral trading system and is guided by market-based factors. Likewise, the WSC advocates for free and open markets for semiconductors, as well as non-discriminatory access to cryptography standardisation bodies, so that hardware-based encryption can be widely adopted and secure systems & devices around the globe.

ESIA delegation chair Dr Helmut Gassel said: “Semiconductors and their production have become a frontpage issue worldwide, and it is our duty to explain to policymakers the uniqueness of its value chain. Whether it is about our efforts in being pioneers for sustainability, or our reliance on an efficient multilateral trading system, we must ensure that the global semiconductor industry can continue to push the boundaries and drive innovation to new heights.”

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