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Technologies for 2020 to be exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2015

12th October 2015
Jordan Mulcare

The Kyocera Group will be exhibiting featured products and technologies at the CEATEC JAPAN 2015 tradeshow, one of Asia’s largest showcases for pioneering IT and electronics, from 7th to 10th October at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex.

Based on the concept of Future Technologies for 2020, the Kyocera Group will introduce its technological and integrated capabilities in various fields. A highlight of Kyocera’s booth will be an interactive car driver’s seat demo equipped with the company’s driver assistance technologies. In the field of healthcare, Kyocera will carry out on-stage presentations of its mobile device-based support service, Daily Support, which aims to assist with continuous lifestyle habit improvements. Furthermore, the company will also showcase the latest functions of the TORQUE G02, the world’s first smartphone featuring seawater resistance. Visitors can try out the interactive demo featuring various technologies with industry-leading levels of performance including a HUD.

Various products which enhance safety and comfort in automobiles including technologies contributing to driver assistance and components with industry-leading levels of performance will be showcased. An interactive car driver’s seat demo featuring Kyocera’s high-brightness HUD as well as a steering wheel equipped with the company’s 'Haptivity' technology which provides the tactile feedback of a real button. Showcase of cutting-edge components including a soot sensor for emissions utilising a recently developed material.

Diverse solutions including a new mobile device-based support service for healthy lifestyle modification, recent line of smartphones, systems for providing communication services and electricity in times of emergency and M2M solutions which are essential for the coming IoT boom.

Displays on diverse uses for Kyocera’s high-colour rendering LEDs including an experimentation for plant cultivation, as well as infrared lenses utilised in microwaves, electronic thermometers, human sensors for air conditions and other applications will also be at the event.

Residential energy solutions combining solar power generation with battery storage systems and home energy management systems and automatic demand response networks which automatically optimise the balance between supply and demand of electric power to ensure a stable supply.

Kyocerawill also exhibit displays of inkjet printheads for printing onto ceramic construction tiles, textiles, in addition to various devices such as ceramic packages, MLCCs, connectors and chemical material, as well as the company’s one-of-a-kind opal material with increasing decorative applications. Business introduction of the recently consolidated Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation.

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