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Seica’s Corli to present at Automotive Battery Tech

25th September 2023
Mick Elliott

Seica will be participating at Automotive Battery Tech in Berlin (September 27-29), where selected executives from well-known companies and worldwide experts discuss practices, trends, current projects and issues from automotive EV sector.

Luca Corli, Director of Sales at Seica willgive a presentation entitled “The electrical test of welding and bonding connections as a fundamental step of the battery pack manufacturing process”.

Battery packs for today’s EV market are typically manufactured by interconnecting several cells in series and/or parallel to achieve the required voltage and current values for different applications. The connections between the cells are made through wire bondings, busbars, flexible and rigid PCBs or other methods which utilize solder joints to make the electrical contact, and the quality of those connections, in terms of electrical resistance, is a key factor to allow the battery pack to work properly. The presentation will offer an overview of the bonding/welding scenario: in particular case showing the risk of potential consequences of bond failures, the costs of scrapping versus the cost of testing, design for maximum testability, different flying probe test solutions for different battery pack technologies.

Visitors to Seica’s booth will be able to gain insights into the challenges of testing batteries and the other core modules present in EVs, and receive information about the innovative and cost-effective solutions developed by Seica’s team of test experts.

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