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NI opens availability of SystemLink Enterprise

23rd May 2023
Mick Elliott

NI has introduced the widespread availability of SystemLink Enterprise. The company, formerly known as National Instruments, says it will revolutionise how companies use test insights and data to drive product and business performance.

SystemLink Enterprise allows companies to manage test systems, data collection, and reporting from a central location and to use product-centric analytics for actionable insights.

Created in partnership with GM, SystemLink Enterprise, built on Kubernetes, centralises the way test systems and data are managed. This standardisation enables increased visibility and control of test processes across an entire organisation simultaneously, giving companies more time to focus on data insights and to increase their production.

“By harnessing the power of test insights and data, companies gain competitive advantages through increasing product and business performance,” said Thomas Benjamin, Chief Technology Officer at NI. “SystemLink Enterprise connects test workflows to business performance through linking people, processes and technology across the enterprise, and gives engineers a smarter way to interact with their data, bringing high-quality products to market more quickly.”

Companies can ensure they are maximising their use of test equipment through SystemLink Enterprise’s following capabilities:

  • Systems management: Perform operations such as managing system health, comparing systems, and deploying software to multiple systems at once.
  • Asset management: Track utilisation, calibration information, and locate assets.
  • Test Insights: Applications to ingest test data and monitor performance and status.
  • Data tables: Standardise data from multiple formats allowing analysis on all data in a common format.
  • Dashboards: Monitor live systems and display key performance indicators.
  • Jupyter notebooks & Routines: Automate analysis, HTML, and PDF report generation.
  • Role-based access control: Simplify user management and data access in a large organisation.
  • Kubernetes: A cloud-ready architecture that enables seamless integration with modern IT architectures for better reliability and horizontal scaling with Helm charts to simplify installation.

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