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Navitas drives next-gen power semis at PCIM 2024

21st May 2024
Paige West

Navitas Semiconductor invites visitors to experience ‘Planet Navitas’ at PCIM 2024 (June 11th-13th) and see how GaN and SiC solutions deliver optimal performance in a broad array of fast-growing markets and applications from 20 to 20MW.

Aligned with Navitas’ mission to ‘Electrify Our World’, the ‘Planet Navitas’ booth invites visitors to discover how next-gen GaN and SiC technology enable the latest solutions for fully-electrified EV transportation, AI data centres, industrial compressors, drives, and robotics plus renewable energy sourcing and storage. Each example highlights end-user benefits such as increased portability, longer range, faster charging, and grid independence, along with a focus on how low-carbon-footprint GaN and SiC technology can save over 6 Gtons/yr CO2 by 2050.

“PCIM is a key event in the power-electronics calendar,” says Alessandro Squeri, Navitas’ Senior Director for European sales. “Complementary GaNFast and GeneSiC portfolios, with comprehensive, application-specific system design support, accelerate customer time-to-market with sustainable performance advantages. ‘Planet Navitas’ represents the very real, inspiring implementation of GaN & SiC that makes up a $1.6B identified customer pipeline as part of a vast $22B/year market opportunity.”

Major technology updates and releases include GaNSafe – a reliable, and high-performance GaN power, Gen-4 GaNSense Half-Bridge ICs – the most integrated GaN devices, and Gen-3 Fast GeneSiC power FETs – for game-changing motor drive and energy-storage applications.

In addition to the exhibition, PCIM 2024 includes peer-review technical presentations, including:

11th June, 13:00 - 14:30, Hall 10.1

‘Low-Cost High-Density 300 W / 20 V AC-DC Converter Enabled by GaN Power ICs’- Tom Ribarich, Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing, Navitas Semiconductor

1A low-cost 300 W high-density AC-to-DC converter has been designed and demonstrated to achieve >96% peak efficiency and 270 cc. The circuit topologies include a 2-phase interleaved PFC input stage, an LLC DC-DC stage, and a synchronous rectification output stage. The design includes GaN Power ICs and off-the-shelf controllers running at 300kHz. This new design has resulted in a cased power density of 1.1W/cc.

12th June, 15:30 - 17:00, Foyer

Evaluation of SiC Devices for Over 500kHz Application Based on Buck Circuit - Minli Jia, Sr. Staff Applications Engineer, Navitas Semiconductor

1This paper selects three 1200V SiC devices of similar specifications and different manufacturers for analysis and experimental research and designs a Buck converter with an output power of 3.6kW and a switching frequency of 600kHz. The efficiency and heat of three SiC types were tested under the same working conditions, and the results showed that the SiC with fast turn-off characteristics and low thermal resistance was more suitable for high-frequency converter applications.

‘Planet Navitas’ is featured in Hall 9, booth #544.

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