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embedded world 2020 to take place as planned

17th February 2020
Alex Lynn

embedded world 2020 will take place as planned from 25th to 27th February 2020 at the Nürnberg exhibition centre. NürnbergMesse is taking a comprehensive package of measures to ensure that exhibitors and visitors can participate in the exhibition safely and comfortably. 

Two exhibitions with over 150,000 participants (exhibitors and visitors) from all over the world have been held successfully in Nürnberg since the end of January. The preventive protective measures for our guests at the Nuremberg exhibition centre have had excellent results. A large number of other major international trade fairs have also been held in Germany in recent weeks.

Well-positioned healthcare systems in Europe

The meeting of EU health ministers in Brussels notes that EU Member States essentially have well established health systems and are able to respond to all eventualities. The EU Member States will also closely follow the WHO recommendations on corona virus. 

NürnbergMesse is also following these measures and decisions. The current measures developed for the protection of exhibitors and visitors in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg are absolutely appropriate.

Frequently asked questions

Are Chinese citizens allowed to enter Germany, especially Nuremberg, at all?

Yes, because freedom of travel is a great asset and there are no instructions from German authorities as to why Chinese citizens should be refused entry to Germany. There are no restrictions.

Will Chinese people also participate in the exhibition or will the exhibition deny access to Chinese people?

NürnbergMesse is an international exhibition venue and of course exhibitors and visitors from China will also take part in our events. There is no reason to deny access to our exhibitions to persons of a specific nationality – in this case: from China - for safety or health reasons.

How many Chinese companies participate in embedded world?

Around 100 companies are currently registered for embedded world 2020. About five percent of them come from the Hubei region and the city of Wuhan. We do not expect these companies to take part at the exhibition.

How many visitors do you expect from China?

We are expecting significantly less visitors from China than in 2019, but it will be around one percent of the total number of visitors.

Have Chinese exhibitors or visitors already cancelled their visit?

Only Chinese guests from Wuhan have so far cancelled their visit to Nürnberg due to understandable reasons - otherwise we are happy to welcome the world to our exhibitions in Nürnberg.

How does NürnbergMesse ensure that people who are already infected do not enter the exhibition site?

NürnbergMesse has a well-established and professional emergency management system. In addition to the police and fire brigade, this also includes a first aid station, which has even been supplemented by interpreters.

Is there no possibility of infection on the exhibition site?

NürnbergMesse ensures a very high standard of hygiene in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg through a large bundle of measures such as additional disinfectant dispensers on the exhibition grounds and increased cleaning in heavily frequented areas such as entrances, door handles or staircases.

The first-aid stations are increasingly manned and are optimally prepared and equipped for the relevant scenarios professionally, medically and with the appropriate equipment. Structured procedures are fixed in several languages, so that even if undifferentiated symptoms occur, professional clarification and medical support is provided as quickly as possible.

NürnbergMesse is closely networked with the responsible safety and rescue authorities and is a member of a task force of the local health authority. The local, national and global development of the corona virus is monitored around the clock by the security department of NürnbergMesse, so that the prepared security measures can be intensified and implemented in stages at any time in a very short reaction time.

Irrespective of the corona virus, it can never be ruled out that, despite very high hygiene standards, one can also become infected during a visit to the exhibition.

Does NürnbergMesse recommend self-isolation or self-quarantine?

No, as the German authorities do not recommend this measure either.

Does NürnbergMesse implement security measures such as thermal imaging cameras at the entrances/mouth protection for everyone?

No, according to the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), thermal imaging cameras or "mouthguards for everyone" are of little help when it comes to the "coronavirus" issue. Instead, the BZgA recommends good hand hygiene as the most important and effective measure for personal protection.

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