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BMZ showcasing at ees Europe

24th May 2024
Caitlin Gittins

The BMZ Group is unveiling its latest Power4Home home storage system at ees Europe (19-21 June, 2024, Messe Munich).

As an innovative power supply solution for homes, Power4Home sets new benchmarks and offers maximum versatility. It can be mounted on walls or floors, indoors or outdoors. With its slim 164 mm profile, it seamlessly integrates into any living space in just 15 minutes. The home storage system is now available with capacities of up to 26.7 kWh, with four systems operating in parallel capable of storing 106.8 kWh. The lithium iron phosphate cell technology and a 2-channel safety architecture ensure safe and reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 50 °C. The benefits of Power4Home are further enhanced by the Power2Grid hybrid inverter and the Power2Car wallbox from BMZ.

BMZ introduces Power2Grid, a hybrid inverter enabling optimal charging of the Power4Home home storage system with suitable photovoltaic modules. This results in mostly self-sufficient power supply for personal property over extended periods. Two MPPT regulators make Power2Grid exceptionally flexible in configuration and installation, operating in a wide voltage range. With its IP65 rating, the lightweight and compact device is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Power2Grid also seamlessly integrates with Power2Car, BMZ's wallbox, enabling surplus energy from the PV system to charge electric vehicle batteries.

In addition to Power4Home, Power2Grid, and Power2Car, BMZ presents several other innovative solutions from its product range at indoor stand C2.360. Power2Raxx is a lithium-ion storage system for industrial and commercial applications, storing electricity during low demand and supplying it during peak times. Power2Raxx addresses grid instability and supports grid equalisation in demand-side response (DSR) applications, with scalable capacity from 16.8 kWh to 50.4 kWh.

On the other hand, Hyperion from BMZ is a next-generation lithium-ion high-voltage storage system, expandable on a modular basis from three to six modules. Hyperion is robust, safe, and capable of providing emergency power with the relevant inverters.

BMZ also presents two portable power stations, Power2Go Work and Power2Go Life, at its indoor stand. Power2Go Work, with a 2.5 kWh capacity, is suitable for construction, trade, events, and those needing a flexible and independent power source. Power2Go Life is a compact companion for on-the-go activities like camping expeditions.

BMZ surprises visitors at the outdoor stand at ees (FM.605/15) with Power Bloxx, a large AC-coupled energy storage system in an air-conditioned container for outdoor use. Power Bloxx is modular, lightweight, and easily deployable, ranging from 68–408 kWh in capacity and 50–300 kW in output.

Additionally, BMZ presents the all-electric Microlino city car, designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Turin. The Microlino, equipped with a BMZ traction battery, offers ranges of 93 to 228 km, with a charging time of just four hours using a standard household socket. At the ees outdoor exhibition area, BMZ charges the Microlino with the mobile Power2Go storage system.

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