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27th March 2020
Light + Building delayed due to coronavirus

The expert forum for the battery industry will take place at the same time as Light + Building, the trade fair for light and building technology, from 28th September to 10th October 2020 in the Congress Center and Hall 6.0 on the grounds of the Messe Frankfurt.

20th March 2020
Production of Li-ion batteries ramped up for the medical market

BMZ Group is converting its production to accelerate its focus on Li-ion batteries for a wide variety of medical applications. Customers producing ventilators, in particular, have asked the company for its solidarity and support. In some cases, the volume of inquiries has risen by 50%.

11th July 2019
Joint venture for lithium-ion batteries launched

BMZ takes another step forward on its growth and innovation path, as it prepares to join forces with KION GROUP to form a joint venture under the name of KION Battery Systems. This joint venture will manufacture lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks in the EMEA region.

20th December 2018
Duo cooperate in the field of electromobility

  The BMZ Group is launching a long term cooperation in the field of electromobility together with Samsung SDI from Korea. Two big players in the industry are jointly promoting the expansion of electromobile applications in the European market.

11th June 2018
Lithium-ion battery modules to be supplied to SENEC

The BMZ Group has produced battery modules especially for Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH based in Leipzig, known under the brand name SENEC. BMZ has developed the lithium-ion battery modules together with SENEC and integrated them into their latest storage systems. The two companies offer the best service and highest quality 'Made in Germany'.

17th May 2018
BMZ Group cooperates with Hans H. Schive in Norway

  BMZ GmbH has cooperated in the area of energy storage systems with the Norwegian company Hans H. Schive, which as the sole Norwegian company becomes the representative for the energy storage systems (ESS) of the BMZ Group in Norway. The partnership will start in May 2018.

3rd May 2018
Let's go green with trendy battery designs for e-bikes

In China, the green and low carbon lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular and is also being promoted by the Chinese government. One of the topics of this year's 28th China International Bicycle Fair is therefore the 'Green Lifestyle'. In an open e-bike exhibition hall especially for this industry, the BMZ Group will enrich the 'let's go green' theme with its trendy battery designs for e-bikes. BMZ will be presenting the integral V9 ...

27th February 2018
Strategic TerraE project joins EU Battery Alliance

A number of discussions on various industrial aspects were held in Brussels on 22nd and 23rd February 2018, on the occasion of the 'EU Industry Day' under the umbrella of the European Commission. For TerraE Holding, CEO Mr. Holger Gritzka, participated in a discussion on the future of battery production in Europe, together with Commission Vice-President for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič.

20th February 2018
Battery Experts Forum expected to welcome 1,200 participants

Setting a new participation record, 1,200 attendees are expected to attend the Battery Experts Forum in Aschaffenburg City Hall which takes place from 27th February until 1st March 2018. The forum has developed into one of the largest events in Europe for battery manufacturers, their suppliers, researchers, developers, and users. Over 60 experts, developers, and researchers will report on the hottest trends in lithium-ion battery technologie...

19th September 2017
e-bike retailers internationally expand central service

  Due to growing demand in the e-bike market, the BMZ Group will be expanding its e-bike service to other countries. To establish a new service concept for customers, the company will work alongside select retailers in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Benelux region, England, and France.

13th September 2017
Charging and battery exchange station for the City E-Taxi

BMZ GmbH will be presenting the charging and battery exchange stations it developed for City E-taxis under the Adaptive-City Mobility (ACM) research project at the IAA New Mobility World. “For the first time, this innovative battery exchange system by BMZ GmbH allows for fast and cost-effective development of the charging infrastructure needed for fleet mobility systems like ACM”, explains Sven Bauer, CEO & Founder of th...

29th August 2017
E-cargo bikes deliver goods quickly and inexpensively

Across many major European cities, more and more companies are using E-cargo bikes to deliver their goods on time quickly, inexpensively, and in a way that’s good for the environment. These bicycles are suited for transporting loads quickly and inexpensively across short and medium distances without producing any exhaust emissions. In addition, switching to a bicycle promotes health. Besides environmental aspects, cargo bikes offer practica...

24th August 2017
Providing increased power to your E-bike

The Range Extender is a recently launched energy dispenser shaped like a bicycle water bottle that delivers the extra reserve energy that riders of E-bikes need on the go. The device can be mounted on the bike with just a few motions whenever it’s needed or during a break. The additional energy is then available to the bike through the existing charging port.

3rd August 2017
BMZ GmbH is one of “Bavaria’s best 50” companies

For the fourth time, BMZ GmbH has been selected as one of the winners of the “Bavaria’s best 50” competition organised by the Bavarian state ministry of economic affairs, infrastructure, transport and technology in Germany. BMZ GmbH was distinguished for its particularly strong growth. In recent years BMZ has made outstanding improvements in its turnover and number of employees. Turnover was around 460 million US ...

28th July 2017
Added features increase connectivity for E-bikes

Additional connectivity solutions have been integrated into the BMZ Drive System from BMZ. A smartphone is used to link the E-bike to an intelligent network. This brings new features to the vehicle like social media community interactions.

9th July 2017
E-bus battery maker moves to expanded facility

Around 650 employees of the BMZ Group in Poland have moved into the new company facility “Alberta Einsteina.” During the move production continued without interruption. BMZ Poland is focusing on developing E-bus batteries for public transportation.  

4th May 2017
BMZ introduces ESS 9.0 energy storage system for commercial applications

  BMZ Energy Storage Systems offer an economical way to store electricity for commercial plants with photovoltaic components. This allows commercial and industrial customers to use inexpensive electricity for operations around the clock.

23rd March 2017
Energy storage system offers 85kWh rated capacity

With the new lithium ion energy storage option – the BMZ Energy Storage Systems (ESS) – both private and commercial solar system operators have the ability to inexpensively store solar energy during the day, then use it in their own homes or businesses as needed. The new storage system, designated ESS 9.0, has a rated capacity of 85kWh and a lower specific price than its little brother, the ESS 7.0.

22nd March 2017
Li-ion batteries suit e-mobility applications

The BMZ Group has developed large-scale batteries for vehicles like buses, forklifts, cranes, sweepers, commercial vehicles in harbours and airports, E-taxis, industrial trucks, and E-boats. The advantages of BMZ lithium-ion battery technologies are their quick-charging capabilities and long service life of up to 20 years.

6th March 2017
Bauer’s reference work on battery technology

  Whether they are used in the automotive sector, electric bicycles, tools, energy networks, or industrial manufacturing; batteries play an increasing role in society, and it’s safe to say they are at the heart of many different devices and systems.

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