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ADS-TEC presents li-ion battery storage at Hanover trade show

18th April 2016
Jordan Mulcare

At the Hanover trade show running from April 25th through 29th, 2016, ADS-TEC again presents its versatile range of lithium-ion battery storage systems on the joint Baden-Württemberg stand (hall 27, stand 71). As a novelty and special highlight of the show this year, ADS-TEC presents the smart, compact 'PowerBooster' outdoor battery system for the supply of power to rapid charging stations in the distribution network.

Decentralised, dynamic storage systems are an important component of the necessary change in the energy industry. Within the framework of the Hanover trade show in 2016, ADS-TEC again presents its portfolio in the field of professional energy storage systems at the MobiliTec exhibition.

As a Swabia-based manufacturer, ADS-TEC will present its powerful StoraXe lithium-ion battery storage systems for home and industrial applications on the joint Baden-Württemberg stand. At this year’s exhibition ADS-TEC focuses on supplying dynamic power to rapid charging stations for a trendsetting electro-mobility infrastructure. There is not always sufficient power for the connection of rapid charging stations.

As a PowerBooster, ADS-TEC’s new and highly compact outdoor battery system provides high power output to rapid charging stations, while low power is used to recharge the booster’s batteries from a local power outlet. This not only saves time. It also eliminates elaborate medium voltage systems, the need for building cost subsidies and the expense of network expansion.

Aside from the PowerBooster’s function as a power supply to rapid chargers, the new and smart outdoor battery system from ADS-TEC can be set up in almost any outdoor location and serve as a grid service station, while being connected to the 400V grid. The PowerBooster can also be used for voltage stabilisation, providing delays for optimum network bandwidth, frequency control, supplying reactive power or peak capping.

In particular, distribution networks, temporarily overloaded by the influx of renewable energy, can benefit from these functions to help them utilise the potential of existing networks. As a complete solution, the grid service station includes an inverter, temperature control, control electronics as well as a safety and power management system. The ADS-TEC Cloud Big-LinX system allows distributed storage systems to be monitored, safely coupled and integrated into higher level management systems and virtual power plants of clients and partners.

With its intelligent StoraXe battery storage systems ADS-TEC develops and produces a lithium-ion based technology for professional applications characterized by high energy density and a high number of cycles. With the power management system developed by ADS-TEC, battery storage systems are controlled, coordinated and integrated into the grid through the Big-LinX platform. Its modular design and comprehensive IT-system create an almost unlimited scaling system for any application as well as networked system architectures – from increasing the self-consumption of solar power in domestic homes using hybrid systems in the neighborhood to providing control power for power suppliers and grid operators.

Safety is of primary importance in all ADS-TEC developments. The company employs a redundant, multistage safety concept in the development of its lithium-ion battery storage systems, from the cell level up through the entire system architecture. ADS-TEC draws on more than 35 years of experience in system building. Functional and electrical safety is tested and certified in close collaboration with accredited test labs, such as VDE. Overall, ADS-TEC’s safety concept already complies with more battery safety rules and goals than is required by existing standards and guidelines today. This is a direct result of ADS-TEC’s close working relationship with cell manufacturers during system development.

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